Kate Upton Is Athena, Goddess of Mobile Game

In an ad for Game of War: Fire Age , which, according to the app’s website, is “the first truly global online game,” supermodel/actress Kate Upton stomps through Ye Olde Battlefielde. She is Athena: Goddess of War, Justice, Knowledge, Wisdom, Having a Rockin’ Bod, Having a Rockin’ Face, Strutting Through Fire Like It’s No Big Deal, Striking A Pose Before A Dragon Like The Dragon is No Big Deal, and Slapping the Camera in the Face with a Fierce Gaze. KILLIN' IT, K-UP!

Upton's waltz among the Game of War: Fire Age flames doesn't end there; the Athena character is the game's host, which I guess means a 2D rendering of Upton shows up throughout and offers battle strategies... or something?

I'm going to be honest, when I saw this ad, I totally assumed Game of War: Fire Age was an XBOX or Playstation game. Didn't realize this big budget TV spot is for an F2P app you could download on your cell phone for zero dollars. Game of War: Fire Age is not. Messing. Around.

YOUR MOVE, BUBBLE WITCH! (Just kidding, I totally love that Bubble Witch 2 Saga commercial. You keep doing you, Bubble Witch. LYLAS, Bubble Witch. Never change.)

Image: Game of War/YouTube