How to Vote for the AMAs, So the World Knows Just How Much You Love Iggy Azalea Before It's Too Late

The fan-voted awards show has exploded in popularity recently, especially since Twitter/Facebook/etc. have made it so that fans can share their opinions so easily from all over the world. So if you want to vote for the American Music Awards, you can help put a trophy in the hands of your favorite artists on their nationally broadcast awards ceremony. Think Sam Smith could use a boost? Vote for him! Do you love saying that you're "All About That Bass?" Well, give Meghan Trainor your click of approval. Fingers crossed that Beyonce will show up to the ceremony? It's an outside shot, but there's a much better chance of that if you vote for her self-titled album as best R&B record of the year. Just make sure you get those votes in right away — voting closes Nov. 21. They need time to tabulate the votes, after all.

But don't overthink it, because ABC has made voting for the AMAs pretty easy. Just go to ABC's American Music Awards site, go to their "Vote" tab, and get clicking on your favorites. But first, you'll have to log into your Facebook, to ensure that you're not just spamming their voting system. You can't even click on the other categories until you verify your identity. But that shouldn't be a problem if you're voting for your faves. Just make sure you adjust your privacy settings to what you're comfortable with a broadcast network gaining access to.

But what about the important stuff — which races will be the most urgent? Where do your votes really count? Now that's a whole different story. Obviously, the biggest categories are Artist of the Year and New Artist of the Year, which you can tell because they feature the biggest names and have their own corporate sponsors (in this case, Kohl's). And the musicians competing all have big fan bases who are no doubt casting, recasting, and recruiting more votes right now.

The artists with the biggest number of online fans will have the easiest time walking away with awards. So do you reaaaaalllly need to worry about Lorde taking the Alternative Rock category? Eh, seems like she'll probably have that one locked up. But Katy Perry's fans are just as numerous as the Directioners and the Beyonce Stans. Or maybe you're hoping Luke Bryan will pull a surprise upset — but the only way to ensure that happens is to get out your phone/computer/iPad and go vote.

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