10 Genuinely Surprising Celebrity Scandals You Probably Never Knew About

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These days, when you hear "celebrity scandal" your mind immediately goes to the Kardashians. Between Kylie's lips and Kim's butt, that family has enough juicy bits to keep the hungry masses fed for gossip for years to come. But some celebrity scandals are a little more obscure. So obscure, in fact, that you may never have heard of them, despite the fact that they're far more interesting (and many of them having more far-reaching implications) than anything a Kardashians could do. With babies born in prison, soft-core porn and even professional assassins, you're in for some jaw-dropping revelations with the following stories.

What was Cameron Diaz up to before she was a clean cut Hollywood star? Why did Leighton Meester have to take her mother to court? Chuck Berry filmed women doing WHAT in the bathroom? And Woody Harrelson is the son of which famous killer? Are you intrigued yet? Well you should be. Even I was in disbelief as I went about researching the following ten lesser known celebrity scandals. Be prepared to be like, "whhhhhaaaaattttt?!?!?!?!" and kick yourself for ever caring about the state of the Kardashian family's super PG-rated drama.

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