When Does Lana Del Rey's New Song Come Out? Luckily, Sooner Than You May Think

Though Lana Del Rey just released a new album earlier this year, titled Ultraviolence, it thankfully looks like we're not very far at all from getting new material from the singer already. Though there's no word on when her next album or single will emerge onto the Interwebs — after all, Ultraviolence was literally just released in June 2014, so we've gotta give the girl a little time to make a new album — Lana Del Rey was recently confirmed to be contributing two songs to Tim Burton's upcoming film Big Eyes , including project's title track, titled "Big Eyes," and a major song called "I Can Fly" that will play over the end credits. This is big.

Considering that she's no stranger to contributing her musical talent to make movie magic (I mean, her song for The Great Gatsby, "Young and Beautiful," was basically robbed of an Oscar, and her cover of "Once Upon a Dream" for Maleficent was amazing), there's no doubt in my mind that the songs she's contributing to Big Eyes will be just lovely in that Lana Del Rey sort of way — which is to say, they'll probably be dark, seductive, and total earworms.

Which, of course, brings us to the most important question: When will Lana Del Rey's new songs for Big Eyes actually be released? Luckily, it's not that far off. Big Eyes is set to hit theaters on Dec. 25, so you can expect Del Rey's contributions to be released around that time. Soundtracks are generally dropped close to a film's release date, so it's possible the tracks will hit the web prior to Dec. 25 — but in any case, even if they aren't, the film's release date isn't too far in the future.