11 Same-Sex Couples In South Carolina Who Just Got Married, After Years Of Waiting

It happened! As of noon local time, South Carolina officially legalized same-sex marriage, after the Supreme Court rejected a request to delay the ruling on Thursday morning. A whole bunch of couples tied the knot immediately, with the office of one Judge Irvin Condon issuing six licenses in the first 90 minutes.

South Carolina is now the 35th state — along with the District of Columbia — in the country to legalize same-sex marriage, following a federal judge in Montana striking down the state's ban on Wednesday. Jeff Ayers, board chairman of South Carolina Equality, told Reuters:

We're really thrilled. This proves that all the way to the highest court, these were our rights from the beginning.

In the past year, advocates of gay marriage have seen a changing of the tide, with the federal courts overturning many states' bans on same-sex marriage. However, Reuters reported that a Cincinnati-based federal appeals court upheld gay marriage bans in an unprecedented ruling. The decision supported the bans in four states, creating a "split within the courts." It's now looking increasingly likely that the Supreme Court will rule, once and for all, on whether states can ban gay marriage.

But first, South Carolina deserves a little celebration — as do these happy couples, as they make history in the southern state.

I am literally getting goosebumps imagining what a huge occasion this is for many same-sex couples in the state.

Even Starbucks joined in on today's celebrations:

All these happy couples!

And of course, their northern neighbors reminded us that they, too, are ready for some good ole marriage equality.

Images: FacesOfTheUpstate/Instagram