DIY Fashion Trend #3: Delpozo's Two-Toned Eyeshadow

The fashion world loves to rely on black, white, and gray to make a statement, so a pop of color on a model's face or hand is always welcome: a coral lip, a sea green manicure. Typically, makeup artists pick one statement color and stick with it, so when the Delpozo models sashayed down the runway, their eyes lined with startling blue and yellow, I knew I had to mimic it for my third DIY.

Delpozo is a Spanish design house whose Spring 2014 collection for New York Fashion Week was inspired by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot’s “Gypsy woman with tambourine” painting. The collection was full of embroidery, color, and volume, and these springtime eyes were the perfect compliment.

To get the Delpozo look, I did something kind of shocking. Okay, my initial reaction was to tone the look down for appropriate societal interaction — you know, a wash of light blue across the lids, a pale yellow eyeliner just beneath the eye. Then I took another look at the models and decided to go all the way. They just looked so lovely! And where's the fun in toning things down? Unfortunately, this meant that my pre-determined pale blue eyeshadow and demure eyeliner were no longer in vogue, so...I pulled out my hair chalk.

I wet a Q-Tip and rubbed one end over each stick of chalk, then applied it to my eyes, and repeated this process two or three times for each color in order to get a really bold shade. The color came out perfectly — definitely noticeable, but just sheer enough to avoid looking clownish. It also stayed on forever.

The verdict? Totally feeling this look. It makes you look like a weirdo, but a cool weirdo — the type you'd want to be friends with if you weren't you. Applying a wash of yellow color beneath your eye is a bold move, but it's an exciting idea for day — and of course, you don't need to tell me that this would be a fantastic party look. If you're not feeling the full-frontal color, you can obviously do a thin line of blue above the upper lash and a thin line of pale yellow beneath the bottom one.

I wore this out and about all day, and at times, I felt a bit like an alien. But when you've got hair chalk on your eyes and color everywhere, you just gotta embrace it.