'Portlandia' Season 5 Will Be Just as Quotable & Hilarious as Seasons Past — VIDEO

I am sitting in a coffee shop in Portland right now, so I think I can say with a kind of authority that Portlandia pulls from archetypes that very much run wild in good ol' Stumptown. The newest trailer for Portlandia Season 5 certainly presents a universe more heightened than any real-life city any of us know, but it's also pretty good evidence as to why this show's made it into its fifth season as still-loved as it is. For one, the wigs in this show are still on their A-game.

The trailer showcases the mish-mash of what the show does best — Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen in a wide variety of costumes, obviously, and Kyle MacLachlan as Portland's Mayor/ceaseless advocate. There are also a lot of guest stars to tout: Anna Gunn, Olivia Wilde (she's taking on Sea World), Greta Gerwig, Parker Posey, Justin Long, Seth Meyers, Natasha Lyonne, and more.

Of course, this trailer was also a veritable quote machine. Here are some of the best lines on display:

  • "Women aren't writers, they're authors, and they write like hell."
  • "I haven't written by hand in years."
  • "Based on people who like to burn things I've concluded that we're looking for a weirdo."
  • "I want people to think that it's the finale of the very beginning."

Portlandia returns Jan 8. on IFC.

Image: IFC