Danica McKellar Marries Scott Sveslosky & The Ceremony Sounds Beautiful

We have one happy former Winnie Cooper on our hands. Wonder Years actress Danica McKellar is a married woman, People exclusively reports. Last Saturday, McKellar married attorney Scott Sveslosky in Kauai, Hawaii during an intimate ceremony in front of 25 family members and close friends, along with both of their children from previous marriages. The two got engaged in July, and now they seem over the moon to be officially wed. McKellar told People,

It was absolutely magical. We were married at 6:30 a.m. in a sunrise ceremony. The forecast predicted rain, but there was not a drop of water in the clear sky. The sun came peaking up over the mountains just as I was walking down the aisle, alongside both my parents. She later added, Scott and I exchanged our vows, and then we exchanged family vows with our sons Hunter and Draco — we wrote everything ourselves. We also performed a sand ceremony where the four of us poured different colored sand into a vase which we will keep at home.

Talk about a meaningful and emotional ceremony. Currently, they are on their honeymoon (they stayed in Kauai) and having the time of their lives. "It's so beautiful here. We've surfed, kayaked, hiked and even zip lined upside down," McKellar said.

Congratulations to McKellar and Sveslosky!