'Key & Peele's Version Of That Aerobics Video, Tho

by Alanna Bennett

With one week exactly until Thanksgiving, let us give advance thanks to be living in a world in which Key & Peele exists. Proclaim your thanks into the universe, make sure they can really hear you. OK good. Now let us give thanks once again, this time for Key & Peele 's take on that aerobics video people can't stop spreading around.

You know the aerobics video in question: It's clearly from the '80s and it involves a lot of very enthusiastic and very fit people doing very dance-y jumping jacks. And so Key & Peele undoubtedly saw an opportunity: Why not take this video and explore what would happen if it were actually a story of murder? I mean, why not?

Twisting something previously cheerful or benign into something dark and weird is hardly new to the world of sketch comedy, but this one is a recent favorite of mine. Keegan-Michael Key's portrayal of a man who has to keep not just a straight face while learning of his wife and child's attempted murder but an aerobics face? So good. Watching him do all those dance moves while going through such obvious inner turmoil? So great. Bless this show.

And here is the original, for good measure.

Image: Comedy Central