Will Daryl & Carol Ever Be Together on 'The Walking Dead'? They Were In Bed Together & Nothing Happened...

I feel like the producers of The Walking Dead like to torment us with the idea of potential romance between Daryl and Carol and it's pretty much killing me inside. Darol (or Caryl) finally reunited in The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere and there is so much sexual tension building that I am about to burst. Do you hear us AMC or am I just talking out loud to myself right now? Daryl and Carol need to hook up right now before they lose each other for good. I mean, #YOLO, am I right?

Last week had so much promise for Darol. They headed off to Atlanta together, albeit on a rescue mission (kind of like a romantic holiday in the post-apocalyptic world) and found themselves near a bunk bed. There was a magical moment where there was talk of starting over and beginning again. You know, starting over with sex, maybe? Daryl lays his head down on the bed and Carol lays her head down on the bed right next to him… and then it cuts forward and they slept. Um, okay? It was basically a giant tease and I don’t appreciate it. I bet sex would really help their rescue mission. Look at Maggie and Glenn, they bang all the time and are very successful at killing zombies.

I keep wondering if it's ever going to happen though. Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride have toyed with the idea, but neither one of them really ever hinted at something happening. In 2013, Reedus told Entertainment Weekly that he would be lucky if it did happen:

McBride has also talked to EW about the infamous bed scene from this season:

Maybe a Carol/Daryl romance could be E.L. James' next masterpiece and it could be titled, 50 Shades of Daryl Dixon. (You're welcome, world.)

Also, I am not the only person who thinks that Carol and Daryl should totally be a thing. In case you aren't totally obsessed with Norman Reedus like I am (in which case, shame on you), he posted an Instagram photo of a conversation between him and his mother during last weeks episode. Guess what? She thinks that Caryl needs to hook up.

So there you have it, if Mrs. Reedus thinks her son should be with Carol then it should happen. Mothers always know best.

Images: Gene Page/AMC