'Dads' Thinks You're Willfully Stupid

I'm not sure whether we should be offended or impressed by the latest promo for Fox's new comedy Dads, starring Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi. The fledgling series has been universally panned by critics for its racial stereotype-based humor and its disrespect for anyone over the age of 50 (well, actually, anyone in general). A few choice descriptions include "offensive," "morally wrong," and "reprehensible." Apparently, these critical bombs were received like gifts by the marketing people at Fox, who are depending on cable subscribers to be tasteless enough to love the series' deplorable jokes.

Isn't that just insultingly hilarious? Don't you just want to laugh so hard you punch someone in the face? No. Me neither.

Buzzfeed critic Kate Arthur pointed out the video (below), which features interviews with regular folks after a sneak preview of the sitcom. The result is uninspiring. Sure, some lady with glasses found the show hilarious. And yeah, a guy who speaks with a condescending tone thinks you're crazy if you find gags like Brenda Song laughing like a hamfisted caricature of a young Asian school girl unfunny. So what?

Clearly, the writers think this is funny too, and we don't agree with them either. All this promo is proving is that there are more than a handful of people with bad taste. Bringing the Man on the Street into this isn't going to change the fact that we don't find Dads funny. After all, the Man on the Street is the same guy who never managed to understand Jay Leno's super simple questions.

Image: Fox