Learning How to Make a Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glass Is the Single Most Important Thing You Will Ever Do

There’s something about edible shot glasses that I find enormously appealing. Since we’ve already learned how to make ones out of chocolate chip cookies, let’s increase our repertoire with something that might — if possible — be even more magical: Toasted marshmallow shot glasses. You heard me: Shot glasses made out of ooey, gooey, toasted marshmallows. Are you drooling yet? Because I sure am.

A YouTube video posted by Cheri Alberts of the food-and-cocktails blog The Watering Mouth walks us through the process of making these glorious creations step by step; she also wrote a blog post that offers a few more tips and tricks on how to make them that’s definitely worth checking out. Apparently she got the idea from one of her friends: After she spotted them on Facebook, she decided she had to give them a shot (har har) herself. She notes that they only tend to work about half the time, but when they do? Hoo boy. Talk about marshmallow magic. A word of advice: Marshmallows are super porous , so they tend to fall apart quickly; as such, it’s best to wait until you’re ready to take your shot before you fill them — otherwise you’ll end up with a gloopy mess on your hands. A tasty gloopy mess, but a gloopy mess nonetheless.

Here’s how to make them in five pictures; scroll down to watch the whole video, and head on over to The Watering Mouth for more scrumptiousness.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You’ll need two forks, a plate, some regular-sized marshmallows (don’t try to use minis. Seriously. Don’t do it), and your booze of choice. You can also use chocolate milk for a non-alcoholic version. Oh, and don’t forget to have a fire extinguisher on hand — safety first and all.

Step 2: Turn One of the Burners on Your Stove to High

If your stove is electric, make sure the burner is literally red hot.

Step 3: Stick Your Marshmallow on a Fork and Toast It

The trick is not to let it get too burnt on the outside — that’ll thin the marshmallow out too much, which might cause it to leak when you fill it.

Step 4: Using Your Second Fork, Slide the Marshmallow Off onto a Plate

And then….

5. Watch the Magic Happen

As the marshmallow cools, the top of it will actually collapse inward, leaving you with the perfect indentation to fill with your favorite kind of liquor. Don’t forget to eat the marshmallow when you’re done with the shot!

If you’re feeling really fancy (and have the ability to work at The Flash-like speeds), try filling your marshmallow shot glasses with some Girl Scout Cookie-flavored shots. Mashable has tutorials for both Thin Mint, Samoa, Do-Si-Do, and Trefoil shots, which I’m sure would be absolutely magnificent when taken out of a shot glass made from a marshmallow.

Watch the full video below:

The Watering Mouth on YouTube

Images: The Watering Mouth/Facebook; The Watering Mouth/YouTube (5)