Which One Direction Guy Should You Date? The "Night Changes" Video Will Tell You

Deciding which British boy band member you should date probably keeps you up at night, but don't worry — One Direction's "Night Changes" video will tell you your perfect match, once and for all. In the choose your own adventure vid, you get to see date nights with each of the guys. It starts out with Zayn Malik's romantic dinner, then shows us Liam Payne's carnival fun, Harry Styles' ice skating rendezvous, Louis Tomlinson's scenic drive, and Niall Horan's game night. Each girl has a completely different experience — although it could be one girl dating all of them; no judgement here — as the evening goes on. Of course, nothing can be perfect and each date ends in disaster, but I'll let you watch the whole thing to see what goes down. (For one guy, it's what comes up. Eek.)

Now it's time for you to choose your own 1D guy. I've highlighted what all of their dates were like below, complete with a photo to imagine yourself in the scenario. The perfect man would be a combination of all five of them, but perfection like that doesn't exist. But honestly, you'd probably be happy with any of them. Based on this video, all five band members know how to treat a lady right and hand holding is very important to them.

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If you love a dapper man dressed in a sleek suit who can take you to a candlelit dinner, Zayn's your man. He wines and dines his lady at an Italian restaurant, and of course he knows the chef. Pick him if special treatment at a white-tablecloth dinner is your ideal date night.


If you want to let loose and have fun while eating lots of fried things, Liam is the guy for you. He'll take you to a carnival, win you a teddy bear with his ball-throwing skills, and ride all of the rides. He'll also snap a selfie, because this is a night to remember.


If you love Frozen, Harry's the guy for you. He wants to sweep you off your feet at the ice skating rink, and he'll even lace up your skates for you. Expect him to be goofy and try to pull off some ridiculous moves on the ice.


Care for a scenic drive around beautiful England? Louis will make you swoon while you enjoy the winding roads of a park, seeing horses trot around and feeding birds by the water.


Do you like to stay at home, drink Sangria, and play board games by the fireplace? Niall is the one for you. He plays a mean game of Monopoly (but will probably let you win) and even likes Jenga. Bonus: he likes ugly holiday sweaters and has an adorable dog.

This Adorable Dog

If none of the guys do it for you, you can bring home Niall's pup instead for a cuddle session.

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