This Frat Proposed "Raping Trips"

I hope you haven’t eaten lunch yet, because this news might make you lose it: a colony of Delta Kappa Epsilon at the University of Edinburgh made jokes about taking members of the Feminist Society (FemSoc) on a “raping trip” — and that’s just the beginning of their horrifying comments, according to verified minutes leaked to the student newspaper.

The trouble all presumably started because there was some bad blood between DKE and FemSoc. I can’t imagine why, these guys sound like totally nice, upstanding bros. Nay, gentlemen. Nay, gentlemen and scholars.

In a private meeting, one bro allegedly proposed taking Femsoc paintballing to calm the tensions. What nice guys. When he got shot down, he asked, “How will we rape them?” To which another genius replied, “Let’s go to Montenegro for a raping trip.” Brilliant.

But wait — there’s more! These generous fellows also apparently joked (or was it?) about starting a campus-wide program called “Phone a Deke,” where unsuspecting, almost certainly intoxicated women could call a DKE brother for a walking escort home, and upon arriving to their place of residence, the brother would take advantage of them. Get it? It’s funny because they would call the bros because they didn’t want to walk home alone and risk getting assaulted, and then they’d just get assaulted anyway! Hilarious! Oh, irony, you are too much.

Other highlights from their meetings which took place over the past year include making comments about members of FemSoc having penises, and cruel remarks about transgender students.

Thankfully, condemnation of DKE’s actions has been swift. The VP of the Edinburgh University Societies and Activities issued a statement, saying:

We as an organisation, alongside NUS Scotland, have publicly condemned them in the past, commenting on the dangerous and misogynistic nature of fraternities which have no place in our student community.”We are shocked and appalled by the contents of the leaked minutes and our priority is absolutely the welfare and safety of our students.
As of this morning I have raised the issue with the University Secretary as a breach of the Code of Student Conduct and a potential criminal offence, and I await an official response from the University.

Students have my assurance that finding and disciplining those responsible for these unacceptable comments and threats will remain a top priority until this is resolved.”

Your move, Edinburgh University officials. We're waiting.

And if you’re thinking, “Wait, DKE and gross misogyny, why does that sound familiar?” Ding ding ding! DKE is also home to the lovely gentlemen at Yale (where the fraternity was founded) who brought us the infamous “No means yes, yes means anal” chant of 2010.

Sadly, accusations (and proof) of misogyny among fraternities has become all too common these days. Let’s do a quick Flaskback Friday to the worst recent offenders (ranked in no particular order because, let’s face it, they’re all horrific):

5. Phi Kappa Tau – Georgia Tech

Remember that time Phi Kapp members sent out an email in preparation for their party, referring to women as “rape bait” and giving them a step-by-step guide on how to “lure” them? TL;DR: Get them drunk, commit sexual assault. Man, good times.

4. Sigma Chi – William & Mary

In an email obtained by TSM last year, a member of Sigma Chi at William and Mary urged his brothers to stop complaining about the cold and appreciate the beauty of the world around them: “There’s beer to be drunk, porn to view, and sluts to fuck. Let me reiterate that last point: sluts are everywhere.” Mr. Shakespeare wrote a lot more poetry, including dispensing advice on how to best worship a woman’s “box.” His words, not mine.

3. Sigma Chi - Willamette University

Not a good look for Sigma Chi. Their chapter at Willamette University in Oregon was suspended after a brother made sexist comments on a Facebook page. They requested brothers to invite “any girl with a pulse” to an upcoming party, and also said “women’s rights are the biggest joke in the U.S. Bitches ain’t shit.” Lawlz, good one!

2. Epsilon Iota - American University

This "unofficial" fraternity said a whole slew of misogynistic things, and if I had the desire to make you lose all faith in mankind, I'd list them all. But I don't, so I'll just leave you with this gem: "She's the type of girl that you need to fuck hard and rape in the woods." Ah yes, I know just the type (no I don't).

1. DKE - Yale University

In addition to "No means yes. Yes means anal," the DKE pledges also reportedly chanted, "My name is Jack, I'm a necrophiliac. I f*ck dead women." What a time to be alive!

I'm truly sorry if this article put you into a deep, dark, pit of sadness. So here's a cute gif of a baby pig getting a bath.

Happy Friday!

Images:; Frank Carrol, William & Mary, PhotoAtelier, Daniel Wendell, Patrick Franzis / Flickr; Giphy (2)