Is Beth Greene The Hero That 'Walking Dead' Deserves? She Has The Nerve, The Brains, & the Girl Power

Can we take a minute to appreciate Beth Greene on The Walking Dead? After all that time wondering where she was, she really took a turn in the spotlight weeks ago. Now that she's coming back in Sunday's "Crossed," this tween has come a long way since her first TWD appearance and she really has the ability to become the next big hero on this show. Can this happen, please? It would be so awesome if Beth rose to the level of Rick, Daryl, and Michonne. She has been a good sidekick, and I think it's time for her character to step it up. Beth is not a stereotypical "strong female protagonist." She's taken her share of human and walker lives, but doesn't have a particular fighting style or strength. She can plot her revenge on a rapist while humming a cheerful tune. As Yvette Nicole Brown said in last week's Talking Dead, Beth has "Disney Princess eyes." However, did you ever expect a Disney Princess to look a police officer in the face and tell her that nothing matters anymore? Beth has the makings of TWD's next hero like Daryl, Rick or Michonne. Let's face it — Beth is basically Katniss Everdeen. I'm kidding. Beth is not nearly that impulsive or blind to her own feelings.

Let's never forget the moment last season where Rick put his Sheriff's hat on Beth. You know as well as I do that The Walking Dead loves symbolism. That moment was indicative of something to come. Here are some reasons that Beth rocks, and could one day take the place of her apocalyptic elders.

She Talks the Talk

"If you feel safe enough to be bored, you're lucky." That's what Beth said in her "Slabtown"-centric episode. It wasn't the most bold statement to make, but it's stuck with me. Beth has been through a lot. She may be small, but she's mighty and wise. She's seen some things and this is the type of statement a hero makes.

Girls Just Wanna Kill Walkers

I'm not one to say that all feminist heroes have to do anything. So when I say that it's awesome that Beth is a rising badass while maintaining feminity, kindness, and singing — know that I'm not saying that's the only way to inspire or have value. I actually think it's important to have variety.

She Has Darkness

Beth is a little more Dixon than Grimes, I would say. Back off, Beth/Daryl Shippers! That's not what I meant. But Maggie's sister has a little bit of an anti-hero edge to her. She does what's "right" despite flipping between optimism and pessimism at the drop of a hat. Which is awesome, because how often do we see young girls in these roles?

What's a Love Triangle?

Sure, plenty of people shipped her with Daryl. Her friendship with Noah has the potential to become something more. However, neither of those boys define Beth Greene, and that's awesome. She can take them or leave them and we still know what she's about.

Best of All Worlds

The former farm hand has absorbed a lot of different managerial styles over the years. She has trained with Rick and Daryl. She has now lived under Dawn Lerner for a spell. She's got some Carol Pelletier wisdom heading her way. Beth is an observer, and she thinks before she acts. This diversity of philosophies will make for a good hero.

Image: Gene Page/AMC; Giphy (4); bethgreening/Tumblr