Ryan Gosling Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker Who Sent Him a Doll Catalog

We all do a good deal of kidding around about how the ultra charming Ryan Gosling is our imaginary boyfriend, and I most certainly include myself in that ridiculous illusion. I mean, for all intents and purposes he seems like everything you'd want in a significant other — he's good humored, super handsome, successful, and confident. And it's fun to joke about something the entire world seems to be in agreement with, especially something so trivial and lighthearted. It's fun and it's funny and Gosling is part of one of the more popular Internet memes because of his universality. Which is why Ryan Gosling having a serious, deranged stalker who actually thinks she is with the actor — or sort of is him which is far more strange — is all the more troubling.

As Jezebel reported, "After months of harassment, Ryan Gosling has been granted a restraining order against a woman who has arrived at his home, sent him and his family disturbing mail, and told people that she is Gosling's 'twin flame.'" According to TMZ, the alleged stalker, Grace Marie Del Villar has been "ordered to stay 100 yards away from Ryan, Eva [Mendes], and their daughter Esmeralda," as well as Gosling's sister Mandi. She also reportedly did some creepy things involving threatening to kick his brother's head, sending the actor a torn out picture of Eva Mendes as well as her own personal information, and a leaving a doll catalog at his house.

Ardito Barmore on YouTube

Listen, I know we hear of celebrity stalkers almost on the daily, but that doesn't mean that this particular case should be seen as trivial or silly because of that, or because her threats don't seem all that terrifying, or just because Gosling is a guy. Gosling has been so cool about being harmlessly gawked at by us for years, and you really don't know what anyone, including this stalker, is actually capable of. We should at least do him a solid by not making a joke out of something that could potentially actually harm him or his family. So, let's be fair and take this threat and him seriously.