Who Is Nick Woodman on 'Shark Tank? The Guest Shark Is a Self-Made Billionaire

How do you spend your Friday nights? Some go out for drinks. Others run errands. If you're like me, you sit on the couch catching up on TV, and you might even watch a beloved ABC show called Shark Tank. The episode on Friday, Nov. 21 is even more exciting than usual as it features a little-known guy named Nick Woodman as a guest shark. Sound familiar? It should. In addition to appearing as a guest on the reality competition and considering investing in aspiring entrepreneurs' products, he's made a name for himself as the CEO of GoPro, the ever-so-popular wearable video camera (above).

He's one of America's newest and youngest billionaires. Per Forbes, his "real time net worth" is $3.6 billion. Yeah, you could say he has some money in the bank. As the founder of GoPro, which is said to be a "cultural phenomenon" and "America's fastest-growing digital imaging company," Woodman's life has changed drastically. In June, his company's stock soared, tripling his net worth in one year. In turn, Woodman, now 38, quickly became "the biggest percentage gainer of The Forbes 400 this year."

He created his first camera prototype with his mother's sewing machine and a drill. In 2002, Woodman started his business, and then in 2004, released his first video camera attempting to sell it to anyone who would buy it, including surf shops and QVC.

Thanks to his genius product, people can now strap GoPro cameras onto their helmets, surfboards, and scuba gear. Basically, you can film everything yourself and don't have to rely on someone else to record any activity. This year, according to Forbes, "revenues are forecast to hit $1.2 billion."

With that said, the money and success hasn't gone to his head, as Woodman's considered "a pretty down-to-earth" guy living his dream. He's also a husband and father to two boys. He's just your typical guy, but with a notable name and lots of money.

Woodman's come a long way. Look at him now changing lives one video camera at a time, and he might even change a contestant's life on Shark Tank. If anyone can see talent, it's him.