Great News for 'Happy Endings' Fans

Well, the best way possible that doesn't involve the actual resurrection of Happy Endings. For those who are, like us, still devastated that ABC's unique sitcom Happy Endings won't be coming back for a fourth season, we have some news to help sooth your ravaged heart: Happy Endings executive producer Jonathan Groff is reuniting with star Casey Wilson — as well as Burning Love star June Diane Raphael — for a comedy pilot called DINKS.

Groff — no, not the Glee actor, the other one — has produced on a number of notable sitcoms in the past decade, including How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs, and the regrettably cancelled Happy Endings. He, Raphael, and Wilson will be working with Happy Endings' network ABC for DINKS, which stands for Double Income, No Kids.

The sitcom will focus on "a 30-something couple who straddles the line between life with kids and single life without them," and will be written by Pulling star Raphael and former Penny Hart and SNL castmember Wilson.

It hasn't been announced yet whether or not Wilson will also star in the show, but considering the screen presence and heavy comedic talent she and Raphael have between them, it seems like it'd be an opportunity wasted not to put them both on camera. Raphael, at least, also has a talent deal to appear onscreen in the comedy.

This isn't the first writing credit for either Raphael or Wilson; the pair wrote the screenplay for 2009's Bride Wars together, as well as Sundance's Ass Backwards .