One Direction "Night Changes" AMAs Performance Was 1D At Their Best, Even Without Harry Styles' Man Bun — VIDEO

Oh, One Direction, you just keep making me come back for more. I thought the band was at their best when I went to their Where We Are Tour during Summer 2014, but One Direction's 2014 American Music Awards performance was even better. Mostly because they performed "Night Changes," 1D's slow-jam from their new album, FOUR. And, yes, Zayn Malik was in attendance this time. If you haven't listened to 1D's latest release, this performance should be enough for you to start streaming or downloading it right now. Because, apparently, One Direction is just getting better with age and experience and they're not going anywhere.

Unfortunately for all of us Harry Styles-lovers, the Directioner's man bun was not a part of the band's performance. Which really just seemed like a missed opportunity, considering he lost his pilgrim-hat and embraced a fancy jacket for the "Night Changes" performance. But, this was still One Direction at their best — just five handsome young men, belting out a hit, with no distracting backgrounds or gimmicks. (Well, except for some majestic grass and a dark sunrise.) When you have something as great and as swoon-worthy as One Direction, it's really just a disservice to distract from their talent and the fact that "Night Changes" is a great song.

Watch them take the stage like the magical, boy-band creatures they are:

I still could've done with an appearance by Harry's man bun, but you can make your own decision after you watch One Direction's AMAs performance here: