ICYMI, Christmas Commercials Are Already Airing

Back-to-school? Halloween? Thanksgiving? FORGET IT ALL. The real holiday you need to be thinking of right now, in early September when it is still like 90 degrees outside, is Christmas — and you can thank Kmart for that revelation. The chain department store has already begun airing Christmas commercials on TV for all those planner types who want to get an extremely early start on their Christmas shopping.

Kmart released the commercial in an effort to promote their layaway program, which allows a customer to place an item on hold and pay for it in installments until the debt is fully paid off. While I understand why they did this — they want to be early in the Christmas rush race — it's still pretty weird to watch a commercial featuring a giant gingerbread man waltzing around an office building while I sit baking in my 85-degree room willing my A/C to as cool as possible before it breaks and I am left with NOTHING.

Which, by the way, is exactly what the commercial is: A giant gingerbread man that sneaks up on a woman working at her desk, and it's not at all creepy, because he's a giant gingerbread man. It's supposed to tell us not to let Christmas sneak up on us or something like that. I know I won't now, thanks to Kmart!

You can check out the commercial below. How long until other companies start rolling out their Christmas promos and we're all sitting at home in the middle of September watching Christmas commercials? Someone, start taking bets now.