11 Friendsgiving Do’s and Don’ts We Learned From Watching 'Friends' Thanksgiving Episodes

Thanksgiving is and always has been a time for spending time with family and friends, and reflecting on how thankful we all are for each other. Maybe this year you can’t make it home for the holidays, or you’re trying out your Food Network-style cooking skills and hosting your own Thanksgiving with your friends this year for the first time. No matter your plans, one thing is for sure: Friends had the best Thanksgiving episodes every season, without fail. Sure, the first one was a mistake, and no one could spend the holiday where they originally planned, but they made the best of it. Every year from then on was nothing less than hysterical, as the six friends made their way through their 20’s and 30’s spending Thanksgiving playing football, putting turkeys on their heads, and just that one time, being late for dinner.

Some very valuable lessons can be learned from these tried and true episodes, though. For example, I know now (as we all should) not to put beef in a dessert trifle. There are a whole host of other lessons to be learned from our Friends, and I have crafted a list of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind whether you’re the host or the gracious guest this Thanksgiving. And even if you aren't a huge Friends fan (what's wrong with you?!), there are still a few pointers here we can all do well to remember this year.

Don’t: Panic if you burn something. Worst case scenario: whip up some grilled cheese and eat it with your wine while you share how thankful you all are for each other.

Do: Host your own touch football game. "COME ON YOU HAIRY BACKED MARYS!"

Don’t: Forget to set a basting timer. Just like the pros.

Don’t: Kiss your best friend’s girlfriend. It’s awkward for everyone, and you’ll have to spend the holiday in a box.

Do: Make sure you know all of the 50 states in case you’re challenged to an impromptu round of "The 50 States Game."

Don’t: Relive painful memories from your childhood or your fat years. “More turkey Mr. Chandler?” (Unless it’s from your previous life as a Civil War nurse.)

Do: Be open about your feelings. Make the best of awkward introductions or encounters. Put a turkey on your head to cope if you have to.

Don’t: Be late. Repeat: Don’t be late. Someone worked really hard to cook a nice dinner for everyone, and the least you can do is be on time to eat it. Hint: They won’t care if you had awesome seats for the Rangers game.

Do: Watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade! It’s a tradition. And sometimes a float escapes!

Don’t: Forget to leave some room in those pants while you get ready for the occasion: you want to be able to eat maximum turkey, after all.

Do: Realize how lucky you are to have such great friends, food, and a place to enjoy them together despite all the other chaos of the day.

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