Channing Tatum Set to Direct YA Adaptation 'Forgive Me, Leonard Pacock' & It's a Dark Tale For His Directorial Debut

He's already made a number of impressive jumps in his career — from romance movie hunky leads to action movie hunky leads, from raunchy comedy to intense drama. Now Channing Tatum will be jumping from actor to director: Tatum will be making his directoral debut. And it's coming to us through a YA adaptation.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Tatum will actually be co-directing: Tatum and Magic Mike and 22 Jump Street producr Reid Carolin will co-direct and produce an adaptation of YA book Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock.

Written by Matthew Quick, Forgive Me, Leonard Pacock sounds....pretty intense. From a Booklist review by Daniel Kraus:

Whoa there.

Quick is also the novelist behind the book of another adaptation: Silver Linings Playbook, which got all kindsa Oscar nods in 2013. So far it seems as if Tatum will be playing a teacher who intervenes with Peacock's plan.