Magic! Has Awkward AMA Moment

Well, it didn't take for the American Music Awards to feature its first truly awkward moment. During Magic!'s performance at the AMAs, the group's lead singer Nasri jumped off the AMA stage and serenaded a random girl in the audience with Wyclef Jean and... It. Was. Awkward. Incredibly awkward. The group and Jean performed Magic!'s biggest hit "Rude," and the whole performance started and ended with a pretty awkward feel, as Nasri and Jean just walked around onstage prompting the audience to sing with them, dancing uncomfortably between the aisles and trying to get more audience members to dance with them. Sadly for Nasri and Jean, the AMA audience did not respond to either attempt. In fact other than just swaying to the song, people in the audience didn't do much of anything.

Despite the uncomfortable performance, the song was still good with Jean adding more reggae fusion to the song. But I just feel sorry for the poor girl who was forcibly thrown in front of the cameras by Nasri and Jean so they could serenade her. Though to be fair, she handled it well by smiling and just waiting for him to move on. Definitely an awkward moment she probably doesn't really want to relive.

Thankfully for Nasri and the rest of the band, the performance didn't contain any crazy or inappropriate moments and, to be honest, there really isn't any way for them to really do anything too insane with their super chill, super laid back song. In fact, if Nasri hadn't have tried to make the poor girl in the audience dance with him, Magic!'s performance of "Rude" could have just been a nice change of pace from all of the crazy, over-the-top performances that were to come on Sunday night's AMA broadcast. But he just had to try too hard. Next time just follow the tone of your song Nasri, and go with the flow.