Taylor Swift Wins The Dick Clark Award At The AMAs

Looks like Taylor Swift's reign in the world of pop music won't be ending anytime soon. On Sunday night's American Music Awards, the 1989 artist received the first ever Dick Clark Award for Excellence, named after the legendary personality who started the AMAs in 1972, and the one and only female superstar and legend Diana Ross presented the award to Swift. Wowza.

So why did the AMAs producers want to give the award to Swift over the likes of many other incredible artists? According to the LA Times the award is supposed to go to “an artist who achieves a groundbreaking feat or creates a landmark work. It is to be bestowed upon someone whose spirit and excellence capture the visionary passion that Dick Clark himself incorporated into everything he did.” During the award presentation, the AMAs mentioned that Taylor Swift is not only the first artists to release three albums that have sold over a million copies within their first week, but she's also the only female artist to succeed herself on the Billboard charts with "Shake It Off" and then "Blank Space." The AMAs proved to the world and the many Taylor Swift haters that the artist is not only incredibly successful, she tries to connect with each and every one of her fans, thus her fans being so unbelievably fiercely loyal.

When her name was called, Taylor's friends Selena Gomez and Victoria's Secret model Karlie Kloss bombarded her with hugs while Swift herself showed her normal, charming surprise for the honor, but with a much more toned down emotion. Swift made sure to the do the absolute right thing and mention the fact that Diana Ross is one of the best and strongest female artists of all time as she was standing up for herself, making a name for herself and being an individual long before women could do so in the music industry.

Swift then paid her respect to Clark whom the artist called a visionary for music. She also thanked her crazy and amazing fans for their dedication to her music. Swift then went on to talk about how happy she was that her fans went out to buy her album as it showed that they believed, like her that music was art in what felt like a bit of a slight to Spotify considering her recent "shake off," if you will, of the music app. No matter what music Taylor Swift makes and where she releases it, people will always listen to it. She will always have a secure place in the music industry, and I'm totally on board.