13-Year-Old Boy Comes Out To His "Bro," Bro Responds In The Most Amazing Way—PHOTOS

Here's your "Restored Faith In Humanity" moment of the day. A 13-year-old boy who came out to his "bro" via text has received exactly what he deserves: love, support, and respect. The text messages were posted by Twitter user @paleveil, the older sister of the boy who came out. She withheld his name for privacy, but he was obviously more than proud to have her share the text exchange. And if you don't tear up just a little bit reading it, then you're as cold as ice, because this is humanity in one of its finest moments. It's how to be a proper, caring, worthwhile member of society as displayed by a boy whose voice probably hasn't even broken yet. (I'm guessing based on age. When do boys' voices break anyway?)

I digress. The friend in question had one of the most heartwarming responses to his friend's coming out, and we hope this is indicative of how the next generation will treat homosexuality. You know, like how everyone of any age should treat heterosexuality. The best part of the whole exchange is how many times these two little dudes call each other "bro"—seven. It's ADORABLE and I just want to meet these two and have one giant (non-creepy, because I'm obviously a grown woman and I don't want you to interpret that as creepy) group hug. These teenagers have NAILED life. They've got the right attitude to sexuality, and they've obviously both found in each other love, empathy, kindness, and unconditional friendship. Gosh darn it I'm going to make myself cry again. Check out the full exchange below.

Images: Getty Images; paleveil/ Twitter