24 Gifts For Dad That Are Way Cooler Than The Holiday Tie He Gets Every Year

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Have you established your Christmas shopping plan of attack yet? No? That's OK. It really is. Just because retail brands start pushing their holiday sales earlier and earlier each year doesn't mean you need to buy everything before December 1 or else you're screwed. It feels that way though, because Christmas has lost its mind and has been bumping up against Thanksgiving like it's the only thing stopping it from becoming a two-month spending extravaganza. I mean, without Thanksgiving, we'd be putting stocking stuffers and Halloween candy into our shopping carts at the same time. I'm sorry, but I refuse to put "Monster Mash" and "All I Want For Christmas Is You" on the same playlist. That is where I draw the line. Thanksgiving needs to stay right where it is as the transitional holiday border between Halloween and Christmas, for the sake of our sanity.

Black Friday is good (I guess) for kicking off the holiday season with budget-friendly sales events, but even if you choose to skip it — or just shop from home and have everything delivered to your house like a normal person — you'll still be able to find the right gift for dad that he will absolutely love. Especially if you choose any of the following items.

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