24 Gifts For Dad That Are Way Cooler Than The Holiday Tie He Gets Every Year

Have you established your Christmas shopping plan of attack yet? No? That's OK. It really is. Just because retail brands start pushing their holiday sales earlier and earlier each year doesn't mean you need to buy everything before December 1 or else you're screwed. It feels that way though, because Christmas has lost its mind and has been bumping up against Thanksgiving like it's the only thing stopping it from becoming a two-month spending extravaganza. I mean, without Thanksgiving, we'd be putting stocking stuffers and Halloween candy into our shopping carts at the same time. I'm sorry, but I refuse to put "Monster Mash" and "All I Want For Christmas Is You" on the same playlist. That is where I draw the line. Thanksgiving needs to stay right where it is as the transitional holiday border between Halloween and Christmas, for the sake of our sanity.

Black Friday is good (I guess) for kicking off the holiday season with budget-friendly sales events, but even if you choose to skip it — or just shop from home and have everything delivered to your house like a normal person — you'll still be able to find the right gift for dad that he will absolutely love. Especially if you choose any of the following items.

Image: Elf/New Line Cinema

by Chrissa Hardy

Oyster Book Membership

Most humans enjoy books, right? Well, even if your dad has very specific reading taste (mine prefers stories about pirates), he can pick whatever he wants to read and just return the ebook once he’s done. It’s the Netflix of books for less than $10 per month, and it’s kind of the best thing ever.

Oyster Book Membership, $10, Oyster Books

Travel HoodiePillow

Great gift for dad (and maybe for yourself as well?) so he can nap with a little added privacy. It’s obviously made for travel napping, but really this would work for any kind of nap in any setting, even at home on the couch.

Travel Hoodie Pillow, $25, Amazon

Leather Wine Tote

The problem with glass bottles is that they break. And maybe this gorgeous hand-stitched tote won’t make the bottles they hold shatter-proof, but it looks equal parts convenient and bad-ass, so there’s that. Basically, if Ron Swanson needed to bring wine to a party, he’d make this tote himself and carry it with mustachioed pride.

Wine Tote, $129, Amazon

Streaming Media Player (like Amazon's new Fire TV Stick)

By now, your dad probably has at least one of the big streaming memberships: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, etc. If he has all of them, and has the right media player to enjoy them, he will have all of his favorite TV and movie genres covered.

Amazon Fire TV Stick, $40, Amazon

Kenyon City Grill

The Kenyon City Grill is awesome for the following reasons: a) it’s easy to transport for grilling on-the-go, b) it’s ideal for urban living because of its smokeless design, and c) it preheats within seven minutes to keep you from going hangry. Bottom line: your dad will love it.

Kenyon City Grill, $475, Cook With Kenyon

Retro Digital Flip Clock

Ah, an old-school clock without any of the annoying features! FINALLY. This retro ticker has the flipping numbers as the minutes change but without the clicking noise that drives Bill Murray straight to Crazy Town in Groundhog Day . Or maybe Sonny and Cher did that? Either way, it’s pretty great. It also has modern functions like an illuminated screen, alarm settings, and is battery-powered.

Retro Digital Flip Clock, $50, Amazon

Pocket Knife Cufflinks

I’d imagine these are not TSA-approved, but as long as your dad isn’t traveling anywhere, rocking these pocket knife cufflinks will make him the coolest fella at the fête. They’re almost too cool for James Bond. Which means they’re perfect for your dad.

Pocket Knife Cufflinks, $100, Amazon

Dollar Shave Club Membership

Give your dad the gift of one less thing in life to worry about with a monthly Dollar Shave Club box. In his box, he’ll get a new set of blades, a compatible razor handle, and maybe even some of their new shave products. Your dad probably appreciates simple things, and this is simple, and brilliant.

Dollar Shave Club Membership, $1-$9, Dollar Shave Club

Sweater from L.L. Bean

This particular sweater (the Heritage Irish Fisherman Sweater) is actually made in Ireland. Guys, Ireland is COLD, so you know any sweater made there can protect against some pretty harsh elements. It also looks warm, and is a nice combo of casual and classic.

Heritage Irish Fisherman Sweater, $169, LLBean

Jawbone JAMBOX Speaker

This little gem is the gift that keeps on giving because it’ll allow your dad to be a DJ wherever he goes. This will also inevitably lead to him busting out some sweet dance moves, and then you can film that and make him YouTube famous by the time Father’s Day comes around. Everyone wins.

Jawbone JAMBOX Speaker, $150, Amazon

Keurig Brewing System

Your dad can officially say goodbye to the days of making a pot of coffee the night before or first thing in the morning. The Keurig is a magical creation that makes consuming your desired daily amount of caffeine so so easy. Just fill the tank with water, pop in a K-cup, and your mug will be filled with hot and cozy goodness.

Keurig Brewing System, $109.25, a mazon

A Pair of UGG Slippers

Does your dad ever really relax in style? Maybe he does, and maybe he doesn’t. He probably doesn’t care either way — which is what makes him such an awesome dude. But these UGG slippers are so rad that he could probably wear them anywhere and still be extremely comfortable. Which I’m sure he always prefers.

UGG Men’s Grantt Slippers, $140, Amazon

iPhone case and cardholder

Carrying around extra pocket weight is probably not something your dad enjoys, so do him a favor and free him from that baggage. With a phone case that doubles as a wallet, he can keep everything dear to him in one handy place.

iPhone case and cardholder, $9, Amazon

Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle

Since we, as a society, are trying to avoid products with BPA and all the scary conditions that come along with it, a glass water bottle is ideal for hydration. Lifefactory’s bottle is also about a million times better than the metal bottles that are currently all the rage, because really, who wants to drink a battery? This bottle has no taste. Because a bottle should not have a flavor stronger than the beverage it contains.

Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle, $21, a mazon

Principles of Flight Tie

Does your dad really want a cheesy tie? Probably not. This one tells a story and is pretty much the most insanely awesome tie that’s ever existed.

Principles of Flight Tie, $30, Amazon

Natural Wooden Watch

Almost as if he chopped down a tree and turned it into a clock, this wooden watch is a thing of hand-crafted beauty. It’s hypoallergenic and chemical-free, AND the manufacturer will plant a tree for every watch sold. So, by buying it, you’re kind of saving the planet.

Natural Wooden Watch, $106, Amazon

Stone Drink Dispenser

It’s a modern way to consume booze, but with a primitive, caveman-feel to it. Made from the finest granite (from The Granite State), this drink dispenser would make the perfect addition to any man-cave.

Stone Drink Dispenser, $125, UncommonGoods

GoPro Hero HD

Dad has plenty of adventures up his sleeve. Now, he can document them all with this waterproof, ready-for-anything GoPro camera.

Waterproof GoPro Hero HD, $199, Amazon

Bacon Salt Sampler

Salt adds flavor to any meal, and bacon also makes every meal taste better, so combining the two is genius. I’m certain your dad will agree.

Bacon Salt Sampler, $24, Amazon

The Bar10der

Now your old man can become a mixologist anywhere he goes as long as he has this super tool with him. The Bar10der includes a muddler, knife, stirrer, strainer, reamer, channel knife, jigger, corkscrew, bottle opener, and zester.

The Bar10der, $30, Amazon

Leather Satchel

Consider this a stylish update to dad’s boring old briefcase.

Leather messenger bag and briefcase, $72, Amazon

Cocktail Shaker

A classic gift idea dad can cheers to.

Cocktail shaker, $18, Amazon

'Make Some Beer' Book

If dad likes his brews, then this is the book for him. This go-to guide shows him everything he needs to make his own suds.

Make Some Beer,’ $19, Amazon

Number 1 Dad T-shirt

Remember when Morty Seinfeld and Mr. Mandelbaum fought over which one of them was truly the world’s best dad? No? Well your dad does. I’m pretty sure all dads (and humans) have seen every single episode of Seinfeld, which makes this t-shirt such an amazing gift. This is the shirt that Jerry gave to Morty and he wore it proudly for days and days without ever taking it off. A little bit “Ew,” but a lot more “Aww.”

Number 1 Dad T-shirt, $15, Amazon