This "Sexy Doctor" Ad? Nuh-Uh

Right on the heels of #GamerGate, a new ad proves the industry learned absolutely nothing from the spotlight on its misogynistic gaming culture. But at least they're realizing they should be embarrassed, I guess. After posting it on Friday, Sony quickly pulled a sexist ad for PlayStation Vita that was absolutely loaded with sexual innuendos.

The ad features a sexy doctor who — and I won't mince words here — seems like she's talking about masturbation.

I bet you've already done it today. Or are you afraid you're doing it too often? In your bedroom under the blankets? Or perhaps you prefer the kitchen or the toilet? Or do you like it in the garden? Well you know what? You no longer have to feel ashamed. Everyone is doing it, because it's fantastic.

The amazing twist comes at the end, when the doctor pulls out a PlayStation Vita and it all instantly becomes clear that she was talking about the new remote gaming features, not jerking off. You pervs.

Sony likely realized their horrible mistake and set the video to private on the very day that they debuted it. Perhaps in the initial conception of the ad Sony thought because they showed a female doctor playing a video game they would scrounge up some points with the angry feminists. But Sony glazed over one very important detail: They're still being very sexist.

Come on. The close-up on the pout? The creepy porn elevator music? The way she halfway crawls onto the desk? This was clearly a marketing ploy designed for teenage boys and serves only to reinforce stereotypes of the gaming culture. Continually we see the game companies turning women into objects used to sell or enhance games with their sexuality. How can women really feel like an actual part of the culture when they constantly feel like they are there for the male gaze?

Even with the intense amount of scrutiny and awareness that came out of the #GamerGate misogynistic sausage fest, it doesn't seem like Sony, at least, has changed all that much. PlayStation Vita has a tradition of sexist advertising, in fact. In 2012, and advertisement for the portable device that ran in France featured a four-boobed woman along with the slogan, "Two touch screens, twice the sensation."

Ugh. When will it end? It's as if playing video games creates some time portal warp back into the 1950s.

Images: YouTube/Amundson Rivers