12 Pop Star Feuds You Totally Forgot About Because Fighting Over Aaron Carter Is So 2003

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The worst thing about having a higher-than-average interest in celebrities is when your faves just can't get along. It's bound to happen, though — Hollywood is like one involved, never ending Mean Girls sequel, and it'll take a lot more than Tina Fey to put everyone's friendships back together again. Of course, people just aren't built to like everyone and award shows would be super boring if they did. And now that Twitter and Instagram have arrived to perpetuate petty arguments, there are more than a few pop star feuds that might've already slipped your mind.

From Miley Cyrus's golden days on the Disney Channel to Drake Bell pissing off every Belieber on Twitter, here are 12 feuds between pop stars that, while in the past, are still very, very real.

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