'Are You The One's Ellie Puckett Is the Cast Member You'd Want as a Best Friend

When deciding which reality stars I truly root for and which I simply tolerate, I think a lot about whether or not the star in question is someone I'd be friends with in real life. And when it comes to Season 2's group, my favorite Are You The One cast member is Ellie Puckett. Maybe it's because her southern accent and unique vocabulary remind me of my own friends, since I am from Georgia, or maybe it's because she's not afraid to say exactly what she's thinking, but I absolutely adore Ellie. And as far as I'm concerned, every guy in the house ought to be hoping that she's their perfect match.

Ellie is hilarious and she's real — two qualities that are super hard to find when you jam a bunch of sexually frustrated strangers known for being terrible at relationships in the same house and expect them to pair up for money. I prefer last season's group to this one by a long shot, but not even a Season 1 cast member could compare to Ellie, and her Twitter and Instagram serve as all the proof you could ever need.

So why is Ellie the best Are You The One housemate? I could make a list a mile long.

She offers unfiltered commentary on each episode

Seriously, follow her on Twitter just for the reason that she live tweets every episode of Are You The One, usually in all caps and usually without holding anything back. It adds so much to the experience of watching the best dating show on TV, and it will make you fall in love with her so much more.

She loves her grandma

Grandmas are the best. Cooked carrots are the best. Pot roast is the best. Can I please come over for dinner?

Her selfies are gorgeous

Ellie is barely wearing any makeup and still, she looks flawless. Teach me your ways.

She gets super excited about former The Hills stars

Because who isn't still in love with Brody Jenner? OK, he was kind of a jerk on the show sometimes, but he was a very pretty jerk... and if Lauren Conrad approves, then so do I.

She understands that the mani need is real

As someone who has a collection of Essie polishes in the double digits, this Instagram photo instantly made Ellie my soulmate. Also, she has excellent taste.

Image: MTV