Wait, Darren Wilson Got Married?

As the American public, particularly the residents in and around Ferguson, wait with bated breath for the grand jury's decision on Darren Wilson, tensions are hitting an all-time high. The FBI has sent in an additional 100 agents to help law enforcement in Ferguson prepare for the possibility of violent protests following the verdict. Schools and businesses are closing. It's a scene that defines unease. But amid the nation's anxiety, Darren Wilson married his girlfriend in a quiet wedding ceremony last month. How Wilson and his girlfriend were able to plan and execute a wedding during one of the most chaotic times in recent American history, not to mention less than three months after Wilson shot Michael Brown, is baffling.

On October 24, 28-year-old Wilson married his girlfriend, Barbara Spradling, 37, a fellow Ferguson police officer, in Overland, Missouri. The couple applied for a marriage license on October 17 at St. Louis County Courthouse, which is just across the street from where the grand jury was meeting to decide his charges. The fact that Wilson and his fiancée were able to go unnoticed is incredibly ironic, since thousands of protesters were likely chanting his name nearby and demanding he be charged with murder.

Still, the couple's wedding planning went ahead without interruption and they were hitched in a ceremony performed by attorney and municipal Judge Christopher Graville. It was a weird time to do it, to say the least.

A Nation in Chaos

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Wilson is the root of the possibly unprecedented racial divide in America right now. Apparently, he figured it'd still be a good time to join someone in holy matrimony and then have people toast you.

He Could Face Charges

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Though it's looking more and more unlikely, it's still possible that Wilson could face murder or manslaughter charges. Usually, when one faces this possibility, one is not in the mood to plan a wedding.

He Will Even More Likely Switch Jobs

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According to experts, it's more likely that Wilson will not be indicted but resign from the police force and take up a new profession. Isn't that enough of a life transition for now?

He Only Just Got Divorced

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This is Wilson's second marriage after splitting from his first wife, Ashley Brown, in 2013. Their divorce was finalized on November 18, 2013, which means Wilson was probably engaged again less than a year later. All legal issues and national crises aside, isn't that moving a little... fast?

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