5 Perfect Finn & Puck Moments From 'Glee' History

It's still kind of hard to believe that Glee's final season is almost upon us. OK, fine, we still have some time before Glee Season 6 premieres on Jan. 9 — time to think about all of the things we need from Ryan Murphy before the glee club takes its final bow. But, while Glee fans might be ready to let go after the series' somewhat disappointing past two seasons, Puck isn't ready to leave Glee. Which is reasonable, considering he just returned as a series regular for Glee Season 6. In an interview with People, Mark Salling opened up about losing Cory Monteith, how he's not ready to think about post-Glee life, and the "big, obvious hole" Monteith left behind on the series. So, even if you think you're ready to say goodbye to Glee, it's still going to hurt like hell — especially now that I'm reminiscing about Puck and Finn's greatest onscreen moments.

Salling told People, "Cory Monteith was a great leader as a character and person in real life," before explaining that the actor brought the Glee cast together like a "quarterback." Which, aptly, was the title of Monteith's memorial episode in Glee Season 5. "He was kind of like that in real life," Salling said — which, as a Glee fan, gives me all of the feels about Finn and Puck's friendship on the series. Sure, they got stuck that mess of Puck getting Quinn pregnant while she was Finn's girlfriend, but they made it through. The actor also revealed that returning to Glee Season 6 with the most of the original cast didn't really feel like closure for him, at least, "not yet."

Naturally, Salling opening up about how Monteith's death effected him and Glee made my nostalgic for all of the times (with the exception of Quinn's pregnancy) Puck and Finn were adorable Glee BFFs — like these 5 times from Glee history.

When They Reunited At College

There were never two people more excited to see one another.

When They Had A Secret Handshake

Ugh. The feels. The best best friends of all time.

When They Had The Same Job & Sang "Loser Like Me" Together

A sweet throwback to the good, old days of Glee.

Whenever They Fist-Bumped

Like this time in the choir room.

And this time on the football field.

When They Danced Together

Friends dance with friends like nobody's watching.

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