9 Pop Stars Who Wrote Songs About Other Celebrities — & They Weren't Always Singing Their Praises

Artists often write songs from their personal experiences, and when that artist is famous, it's pretty common for some of their subject matter to also be things that the general public is privy too — namely, when they write songs about other celebrities. Whether the celebrity in question is a former love interest, close friend, or even romantic fantasy, here are the celebrities who allegedly wrote or recorded songs about other famous people — we hope they didn't mind.

by Kaitlin Reilly

Selena Gomez Wrote About...

The young pop star’s has stated that her latest love ballad “The Heart Wants What It Wants” is about her on again/off again boyfriend.

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Justin Bieber

Gomez admitted to On Air With Ryan Seacrest that Bieber is the subject of the song, but that he thought the song was “beautiful,” despite its not-super-flattering depiction of their tumultuous relationship.

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Taylor Swift Wrote About...

The songstress has written about a whole lotta celebrities, but she made headlines for allegedly calling out this catty pop star.

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Katy Perry

Rumor has it that Swift’s song “Bad Blood” off of her 2014 album 1989 is about her feud with Perry.

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Justin Timberlake Wrote About...

Timberlake allegedly wrote this tune after he was cheated on by his famous girlfriend.

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Britney Spears

They may have been the ultimate 90s pop star couple, but after Spears and Timberlake ended things, Timberlake wrote the bitter breakup tune “Cry Me A River.”

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Alanis Morisette Wrote About...

Though there’s some speculation as to whether this sitcom star is truly the subject of the song, even he admits that some of the lines hit particularly close to home.

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Dave Coulier

The Full House star isn’t sure that his ex-girlfriend Morisette’s angry breakup tune “You Oughta Know” is about him, but he did admit that some of the lines in her song do reference specific moments in their relationship.

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Gwen Stefani Wrote About...

The “No Doubt” singer was inspired by this celebrity’s remark when searching for a inspiration for a new single.

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Courtney Love

The Hole singer inspired Stefani’s anthem “HollaBack Girl” when she called Stefani a “cheerleader” and not a “rock star” in an interview. (I know, I know — this shit is bananas.)

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Nick Jonas Wrote About...

The “Jealous” singer wrote this tune about his first love.

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Miley Cyrus

Jonas wrote the song “Wedding Bells,” which is about an ex who is getting married, in response to Cyrus’ engagement to Liam Hemsworth.

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Katy Perry Wrote About...

Perry allegedly wrote this harsh song about her ex-boyfriend.

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Travie McCoy

Perry allegedly called out ex-boyfriend McCoy, who entered rehab for a drug addiction in 2008, in her song “Circle The Drain.” One particularly telling line was “you fall asleep during foreplay/’cause the pills you take are more your forte.” McCoy responded to the diss by saying he was glad she wrote a song with substance.

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John Mayer Wrote About...

The “Body Is A Wonderland” singer allegedly wrote this song in response to one his ex wrote about him.

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Taylor Swift

The tables turned on Swift — who allegedly penned the not-so-complimentary “Dear John” about Mayer — when Mayer released the song “Paper Doll.” It referenced Swift’s hit single “22” by saying that she’s “like 22 girls in one.”

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Amy Winehouse Wrote About...

The late Winehouse penned this track about a hip hop star that you totally didn’t know the last name of until now.

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Nas — real name Nasir Jones — was the inspiration for Winehouse’s song “Me and Mr. Jones,” which drops plenty of references to the artist. The two artists were friends, and, as the song suggests, may have been something a little bit more.

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