7 Things Justin Bieber Could Buy Now That He's the Highest-Earning Celebrity Under 30

Ready to feel really, really angry and really, really inept at the same time? Good, because this news will definitely evoke that exact response: According to Forbes, Justin Bieber is officially the highest-earning celebrity under the age of 30, what with the massive (estimated, but still) $80 million fortune he's accumulated this year alone at the young age of 20. Yep, that's not a typo: Justin Bieber made $80 million dollars in the past year, despite the myriad of legal troubles he's gotten himself into during the span of 2014 — egging incident and DUI incident included.

In case it's not clear from just reading the fact that it is $80 million, that is a lot of money for a young celebrity — who can't even legally drink in the US yet! — to make. Though it's arguable that he's earned it what with his successful music career, I've got to say, if I had that amount of money at 20 years old, I would have no idea what to spend it on. Sure, there's the obvious stuff like property, traveling the world, and charity donations, but you've gotta live a little and spend some money on yourself too!

So, just in case Bieber is struggling with his decision of what to spend his 2014 fortune on, here's how much $80 million could buy him of things that we already know he likes...

347 Ferrari F430s

It may have been the reason he was slapped with a $200 parking ticket last month, but it's no secret that Bieber loves his bright red Ferrari F430. So, with $80 million, how many could he buy, if he wanted to? Simple: With an estimated price tag of $230,000 a vehicle, Bieber could buy 347 more Ferrari F430s. Good assurance, in case he gets in another fender bender.

20,000,000 Cartons of Eggs by the Dozen

Hopefully, he uses them in delightful new recipes this time, rather than in the egging of a neighbor's very nice house. Eggs are delicious, Justin! Don't waste them — especially since you can literally buy 240,000,000 eggs (assuming the packages are $4 per dozen eggs).

168 VIP Luxury Suites at Staples Center for Date Nights With Selena Gomez

Bieber may have been able to rent out LA's Staples Center for free back in 2011 so he and his then-girlfriend Selena Gomez could have a movie night there, but, if he were to buy a personal spot for more romantic movie nights, it would cost him about $475,000 for a VIP luxury suite at the venue – which means he can buy about 168 of them. That's a lot of movies.

16,000 Custom-Made Gold Teeth Grills

Word is that Bieber spent about $5,000 on a custom-made gold grill for his teeth back in 2011, as part of his Halloween costume for that year. If he wanted a few more of them as back-up, he can definitely afford it: About 16,000 more, specifically.

106,667 Haircuts

Back in 2011, it was reported that Bieber's hairstylist, Vanessa Price charges about $750 for her hairstyling services. That's a ridiculous amount for most people, but with Bieber's wealth, he can afford about 106,667 more haircut sessions.

94 More 5-Bedroom Homes in Canada For His Family

Bieber's gesture of buying his family in Canada a huge 5-bedroom home in Ontario last year for a cool $850,000 was sweet. If he wanted to repeat the gesture, he could technically do it — about 94 more times.

0 More Purple Leopard-Print Drop Crotch Pants

I'm sure he technically could afford to buy a lot more of these, but he shouldn't. Because they're literally the worst thing I have ever seen.