"I Don't Think I'm A Feminist Anymore": Men Try Sex Toys For The First Time—VIDEO

I'm not going to lie: Sex toys for men look pretty unappealing compared to sex toys for women. Which is weird because, in reality, vaginas are much prettier than penises, and a lot of sex toys look like one of those two things. BuzzFeed got a group of trepidatious men to try out sex toys for the first time including Fleshlights and Fleshlight accessories. The results were interesting, and the commentary was delightfully funny. At first, all the men involved were hesitant, and you can see why. Fleshlights look like something out of the movie Teeth, or as one guy comments, "a prop from a Cronenberg movie." Another guy, holding up a blue Fleshlight, notes that it's like his fantasy of having sex with X-Men's Mystique only without Mystique there. What a cute nerd. The guys also note that masturbation is kind of simple for a man, and doesn't need the extra accoutrements. (I kinda feel the same way about masturbation for women, but that's another issue.)

The guys go away for 24 hours to try out their sex toys, and come back to share their results, which are mixed. One guy thinks the toy he was tasked with trying is the second coming (heh). He recounts his trial, leaning back in his chair, opening his arms, and proclaiming the experience to be "AWESOME." Another gent hilariously questions whether he can call himself a feminist anymore given how so many of the sex toys are blatantly objectifying of women (especially the one he has, which looks exactly like a butt presenting itself). The same guy says he feels like he needs to go to church and imagines the tears his mother would cry if she ever found the toy. It's pretty funny, and I'm sure my description isn't quite doing it justice. Watch the results of guys using sex toys for the first time below.

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