Paul Rudd’s Yearbook Photo Featuring Totally ‘80s Hair Deserves Your Full Attention — PHOTO

Brace yourself, because Paul Rudd's '80s college yearbook photo is insane. And it's not just because of his huge hair, but mostly because he hasn't aged in almost 30 years. Since we first fell in love with Rudd in Clueless back in the '90s up until he most recently charmed us in They Came Together with Amy Poehler last year, he doesn't look any older. Sure, his hair and his style have changed with each passing decade, but his face looks exactly the same. He may be a wizard. A gorgeous, charming, goofy wizard.

A Reddit user posted a picture of Rudd from his days at the University of Kansas, where he was a member of fraternity Sigma Nu. Keep in mind that this was likely in the late '80s since he was born in 1969, meaning that it's been at least 27 years since this picture was taken. He's 45 now and he still looks incredible. I'd give anything to see him head-banging to heavy metal with that mane. Considering that he studied drama in college, I'm guessing he also was a big part of the musical Hair, even if it just featured him walking around stage wordlessly, showing off his long locks. All hail Rudd, the most ageless actor in Hollywood.