The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Men: 50 Things Every Man In Your Life Will Absolutely Love—SLIDESHOW

It's the time of year for giving (and receiving, duh), but mostly giving (unless you're receiving). So it's probably time (OK, it's past time by now, but you're still good) to start getting on top of your shopping for the holiday season. Shopping, a normally fun activity, can get quite stressful around the holidays. There's SO much to do, and so little time to do it. And it's made all the more difficult because you have to make decisions on behalf of other people. If you're anything like me, you want to get everyone the best present they've ever received (because obviously the holidays are about being hyper-competitive), even better than what you got them last year. Shopping, like every other activity in your life, becomes an exercise in Being Ultimate.

If you're struggling to figure out what to get the men in your life—whether it's a dad, brother, uncle, cousin, grandpa, friend, husband, or boyfriend—I've got your back. This is the only guide you'll need for shopping for dudes this holiday season, because (I'm about to toot my own horn here so if you don't like gratuitous displays of self-confidence go straight to the gallery now instead) I have impeccable taste. And I'm a great gift giver. So get out your credit card and find something on this huge list of perfect presents for men I made for you.


by Kat George

Gingham Flannel Shirt, aka, Boy Basic

Cute plaid shirts are cute, duh.

Gingham Flannel Shirt, $35, Check It Out

The Only Scent A Man Needs

The Winston Shaving Set

For a modern take on the male shaving kit, this sleek ensemble from Harry’s will look lovely in every bathroom and feel silken on every man face.

Harry’s The Winston Shaving Set, $30, Check It Out

Block Dock

If your dude is always haphazardly propping his devices up in precarious positions, help him help himself with a stylish wood dock.

Block Dock , $33,

Knit Socks

Give him the gift of toasty toes this polar vortex season.

Stripe Knit Socks, $12,

Classic Watch

Shoe Shine Kit

Half of having nice shoes is keeping them nice. Give him the shoe shine gift that keeps on giving.

Gentleman’s Hardware Shoe Shine Kit, $30,

Essential Travel Washbag

The holidays are a time for travel, so give him something nice to carry his toothbrush and deodorant in.

Penfield Danbury Washbag, $39,


For the modern man to write down all his #feels.

Magma Sketchbook, $14,

Ben Minkoff Warren Zip Pouch

An especially great gift for the man who leaves a trail of coins everywhere he goes.

Ben Minkoff Warren Zip Pouch, $150,

"The Big Lebowski" Soundtrack

The Big Lebowski soundtrack is being released exclusively on vinyl for the first time on Record Store Day, and is likely to make you look very cool should you gift it to the man in your life.

The Big Lebowski Soundtrack on Vinyl, $17,

Nick Offerman's Book

I bought this book for my boyfriend last Christmas and it’s been a runaway hit. For any man that fancies himself a bit of a Ron Swanson, or at least a bit rugged around the edges, this is the perfect book.

Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman, $10, a

Wool Felt Hat

A handsome hat for handsome heads. This one is for the dapper gentleman in your life.

Loden Green Wool Felt Hat, $57,

Grown-Up Backpack

This is a very adult kind of backpack for the man who likes to carry a backpack but is now an adult and should have something a little bit more grown up than whatever they’ve been using since they were 14.

Herschel Supply Co. Little America Weather Backpack, $60,

Travel Bathroom Kit

Who ever said men can’t travel in style?

Filson Travel Kit, $95,

Vintage Backgammon Set

A vintage backgammon board is actually something I would want for myself (my grandfather played regularly when I was a kid), but would make an equally great present for dads, uncles, grandpas or any young fellow who grew up watching the older generation play.

A Vintage Backgammon Set , $47,

Here's Waldo

For dudes who were kids in the ’90s or for dads that like dumb jokes, this Where’s Waldo mug is perfect.

We Got Him Mug, $12,

Football Fabulous

It is possible to make sports stylish (even though sports are inherently not). Leather head sports has really beautiful hand-crafted leather sports equipment to that end.

Handsome Dan Leather Head Football, $130,

Cocktail Kit

A stylish beginners drink mixing kit is a great way to let a man get festive. Holiday men gone wild.

Makerskit Mason Cocktail Kit, $36,

Practical but necessary

If his iPhone battery is constantly running out, the best present in the world is a portable power source. This could potentially be the best present on this whole list.

Native Union iPhone 5/5s/6 Jump Lightening Cable + Battery , $50,

All The Greatest Anti-Heroes

Every man fancies himself a bit of an anti-hero these days, so get him a copy of Difficult Men so he can read about all his television anti-heroes (and you can “borrow” it when he’s done).

Difficult Men: Behind the Scenes of a Creative Revolution: From The Sopranos and The Wire to Mad Men and Breaking Bad, $14, a

Portable Vinyl Record Player

If you know a man who loves records, get him a lovely new record player to play them on, because we all know there’s something magical about the sound of vinyl.

Crosley X UO Cruiser Briefcase Portable Vinyl Record Player, $100,

The Wallet He'll Use Forever

A beautiful wallet is something he’ll have (to remind him of you) forever.

Bridle Leather Bifold Wallet, $88,

Desert Boots

My philosophy on men’s footwear is that every man should own a pair of desert boots.

Desert Boots in Beeswax, $130,

Polka Dot Pocket Square

Need something to go with that bow-tie? Give him a pocket square (again, no choice, he has to wear it when you say).

W.R.K. Polka Dot Pocket Square, $19,

Velvet Bow Tie

Make him wear a dapper velvet bow-tie for New Year’s Eve (seriously if you buy him this as a gift he doesn’t have a choice).

A Festive David Donahue Velvet Bow Tie, $95,

Best Beanie Ever

This beanie is sort of fishmonger, forest cabin chic. A must for every male head.

Steely Hat Howling By Morrison, $62,

Best Slippers Ever

Make his sweatpants/Ben & Jerry’s/Netflix weekends a little more good looking with these cute slippers.

O’Hanlon Mills Mule Slipper, $24,

Gentleman’s Hardware Bottle Opener

Dudes love things that do a lot of different things, and also things that open alcohol bottles, so you can’t really go wrong with a lovely, multi-functional bottle opener.

Gentleman’s Hardware Bottle Opener, $18, a

Stendig 2015 Calendar

Make sure he always knows what day it is (a real thing, guys sometimes forget!) with a good-looking, artsy wall calendar.

Stendig 2015 Calendar, $38,

Framed Art

Art is a gift that everyone needs/loves/wants/rarely buys themselves. Society6 has an awesome range of framed prints to choose one, but I choose this drawing of a woman in profile.

Framed Art Print from Society6, $42,

Leather Gift Set

Asos’ leather wallet comes with a matching leather belt, which is a double way to upgrade your dad/brother/uncle/boyfriend’s pants.

ASOS Leather Gift Set - Wallet and Belt, $40,

Seasonal Boxers

Underpants are kind of a go-to gift, so take it to the next level and get some quality boxers.

Sunspel Seasonal Boxer Shorts, $60,

Leather-Wrapped Cocktail Shaker

The perfect gift to adult-ify (or diversity, if he’s already got a grown-up bar) a man’s alcohol shelf. You can have this leather wrapped cocktail shaker monogrammed to make it more personal too.

Leather Wrapped Cocktail Shaker, $79,

Eco-Friendly Shaving Kit

Every man should have an old-fashioned shaving kit (it’s just so manly), especially if it’s got beer flavored shaving soap included.

Eco-Friendly Shaving Kit with Beer Shaving Soap, $48,

Vintage Sports Team Sweater

Mitchell and Ness have amazing vintage style sportswear (it’s stylish!) so you can be done with the man in your life’s ugly team gear.

A Mitchell & Ness Sweater of Their Favorite Team, $60,

Wild Man Beard Wash

To get the taste of holiday food out of his facial hair.

Wild Man Beard Wash, $20,

Heisenberg Cuff Links

Show me a man that doesn’t love Heisenberg and I’ll show you a man who hasn’t lived.

Heisenberg Cuff Links - Men’s Breaking Bad Walter White Cufflinks, $15,

Tracks Headphone

These headphones remind me of the early ’90s but in a good way. I think my dad used to have a very similar pair. Nostalgia!

Tracks Headphone, $60,

American Flag Cutting Board

An all American twist for a kitchen staple. Patriotism! America! Cutting food things! Yeah!

American Flag Cutting Board, $43,

Hemrich Stripe Camp Blanket

A cozy, stylish blanket is perfect for winter snuggles and summer camping and picnics (hint, hint).

Hemrich Stripe Camp Blanket, $145,

Traditional Leather Watch

A less sporty, more traditional watch, this leather strapped classic style will go with everything.

JPT-PW36 Tsovet Watch, $250,

Vintage Radio Bluetooth Speaker

For a unique bluetooth speaker, consider one of these amazing reclaimed vintage radios.

Multiple Custom Speakers,

Lambswool Sweatshirt Sweater

Another sweater that will look just divine with your jeans and boots, give your man a gift you can both enjoy with this cozy sweater.

J Crew Lambswool Sweatshirt Sweater, $25, factory.j

Wooden USB Drive

In the digital age everyone needs a USB key, it might as well be a stylish handmade one.

Wooden USB Drive, $19,

Knitted Fleece Gloves

Cosy things for the season when you need to be coziest will always be appreciated, especially when they’re from Uniqlo’s genius HeatTech range (no seriously though how is this stuff so warm?).

Uniqlo Heattech Knitted Fleece Gloves , $10,

Fantastic Man Magazine

Subscriptions are always a good idea, because they’re like little mini-holiday gifts that come throughout the year.

A subscription to Fantastic Man Magazine, $35,

A Sweater You'll Borrow

A cute sweater will suit every man and every wardrobe. Also very borrowable.

Penfield Sweater, $110,

Band of Outsiders Tie

This tie is covered in muscle cars, which is both cute and masculine, and likely to go with just about any James Bond-cut suit.

Band of Outsiders Car Tie, $155,

Grantland Quarterly

This is another one I can tell you from experience is incredible. I got this subscription for my boyfriend last year as well and every time an issue gets delivered, I can’t tear him away from it.

A Subscription To Grantland Quarterly , $90,