What TV Shows Are On Thanksgiving Week? You Won't Be Left Totally Without Your TV Standbys

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It's Thanksgiving time and you know what that means — it's a short week, which is expected to end with all of us eating (and perhaps shopping) to our heart's content. Definitely one of my favorite weeks of the year. But what about the part when we're all done stuffing our faces and ready to veg out in front of the TV? That's tradition, too — or maybe that's just what I do, post-Thanksgiving dinner. Either way, don't worry, you can still watch new episodes of some shows this Thanksgiving — not all of them will be preempted or in reruns.

This week is a mixture of new TV and Thanksgiving and Christmas specials to get you into the holiday spirit, but also give you new awesome episodes to watch while you hum some Christmas tunes, put up a decorative tree, and marathon all the best holiday movies. But first things first — let's chow down on that Turkey (or Tofurkey) on Thursday, watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and enjoy the day off.

Check out what's new, what's not, and what's special in our handy slideshow guide to TV this week.

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