'Hart Of Dixie' Season 4 Premiere Date Moved! We'll Now Get the First Episode Before Christmas

Hold on, there. I've been operating under the impression that we still had a criminally long wait until The CW's charmingly underrated Hart Of Dixie made its return. It seems, though, as if The CW's moved up Hart Of Dixie 's premiere date. We're getting Zoe Hart and her Southern version of Stars Hollow back pretty soon, folks. Previously set to return on Jan. 9, also known as 2015, also known as far too long from now for my personal happiness, the new date is significantly better: Hart Of Dixie comes back Dec 15.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the season premiere will air as the lead-in to freshman show Jane The Virgin — which seems like a pretty good move considering critics (and myself) have been eating Jane The Virgin up. When Hart Of Dixie is at its most warmly-toned best, it's a perfect pair with Jane.

Hart Of Dixie will return to its previously scheduled Friday time slot come its original premiere date of Jan. 9, likely running out the season's 10 episodes there. It's likely this season is the show's last, but its early return is a great way to comfort the finale bummer.

Thanks for the holiday gift, CW.

Images: The CW; dixiecaps/tumblr