The Civil Wars' Joy Williams & Paramore's Hayley Williams' Duet "Hate To See Your Heart Break" Is So Much Goodness — VIDEO

Don't be fooled. Although these two women share the same last name and both have incredible voices, they aren't related. But you'd never know with Hayley Williams' and Joy Williams' song "Hate To See Your Heart Break," — which was originally released on the 2013 self-titled Paramore album not featuring Joy — where the two women's voices meld so perfectly together it is difficult to even separate them when listening. The deluxe version of Paramore is now out, featuring the incredible collaboration, and if hearing Joy's voice doesn't make you desperately miss her old, now defunct band The Civil Wars, I don't know what will.

If you're anything like me, you're just starting to get over The Civil Wars official break up announcement that came back in August. It was a sad day when they announced that they were never ever getting back together — Taylor Swift style — but luckily, their songs proved to be a great coping mechanism. Listening to The Civil Wars to get over The Civil Wars breaking up is very meta and very comforting.

Turns out, Hayley and Joy have been friends for a very long time, but have yet to collaborate on a recording until this version of "Hate To See Your Heart Break." According to correspondence with NPR, Hayley says that the two met when she was 12 and Joy was "18 or 19," stating it was "fate" that the two singers became friends. Hopefully this song encourages the two to record more tunes together because this version is perfection. Sure, the original song that came out on the 2013 Paramore album is great, but two voices are better than one, and featuring Joy on the new deluxe album track is definitely a solid decision.

Listen to the recording of the two friends, and watch the studio session below. Can we talk about how they make it seem so easy?

Images: YouTube