7 Things Women With Really Long Hair Are Tired Of Hearing — YES, It Takes A While To Dry

I have approximately 28 inches of hair. I know this because I actually measured it one not-so-long-ago day when I had a particularly obnoxious amount of free time. For those of you that aren't super into numbers, that means it hits a little lower than the middle of my back. I know that might seem like absurd length to deal with (especially since I still like to wash and condition my hair daily), but I have lots of long, face-framing layers and bangs, so it's versatile. Taking care of really long hair can suck it when I am in a rush, since it's a chore that adds about 20 minutes of worth of work to my daily morning routine. Still, I wouldn't cut it off... ever.

For many of us long-haired gals, our hair doubles as a shield, building up a protective curtain that boosts our confidence when we peer out from behind it. Whether it's wavy, curly, or stick straight and gloss, it acts as a sort of armor from the outside world. Even the beautifully blonde Blake Lively has admitted her attachment to her hair. For the long-locked, strands are anything but just hair.

While I am not Rapunzel nor am I Crystal Gale — now that's some seriously and ridiculously long hair— I do have hair that falls well past my shoulders and down my back. It comes with its own unique set of challenges and regimens, many of which I am often asked about by people that I really don't know.

I'm happy to give care tips to anyone else looking to grow their hair out, but some of the queries just get to be too much. Here are seven things not to say to women with super long hair since, frankly, we're sick of being asked about the obvious.

1. "Don't You Shed All Over The Floor When You Brush It Out?"

Yes. It's natural to shed the deads at a rate of about 100 hairs a day, and I'm totally cool with breaking out the dustpan every more often than usual. But no, I'm not worried about going bald, to answer your next question.

2. "Isn't All That Hair Super High Maintenance?"

I wouldn't call it "high maintenance," but yeah, sure. It takes a little extra effort. I, for the most part, like doing my hair in the morning. It's my favorite feature, so it's not a problem to wash, condition, add some styling products, and blow it dry.

3. "You Must Get So Hot in The Summer — What's the Point Of Long Hair If It's Just In A Ponytail?"

I have written before about never doing updos. A little bit of neck perspiration is not akin to sweating buckets. I basically deal with it. Most long-haired ladies do.

4. "Doesn't It Take Soooo Long To Dry In The Morning?"

Um, if you call about 10 minutes under the blow dryer a long time, then, yeah!

5. "Do You Get A Lot Of Split Ends?"

I get regular trims and deep condition weekly, so split ends are in short supply for me. Everyone gets them, though — it's nothing to sweat over.

6. "Wouldn't It Be Liberating To Go Short, Though?"

Well, I guess so, but only if you consider having long hair something that is restrictive or limiting to one's freedom, which I don't. Yes, I have to put time into it, but I know people who waste a hell of a lot more time on way worse things, like editing and re-editing text messages to the guy they met at the bar last night.

7. "Whoa, How Long Did That Take To Grow?"

I wasn't really keeping tabs on it or filling out a growth log. A watched pot never boils.

8. "Aren't You Too Old For All That Hair?"

Age is just a number, baby! Is there some sort of rule that says I have to go the soccer mom bob route after I've hit 30? Didn't think so.

Images: Eugenio Marongiu/Fotolia; Amy Sciarretto/Instagram (2); Giphy (8)