What Time is The National Dog Show On Thanksgiving? We Need Pups Prancing On Our TVs

If you're like me, the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade seems to air earlier and earlier as the Thanksgiving Eve nights get longer and longer. Yet somehow I never fail to miss the annual National Dog Show that immediately follows the parade. Of course, I'll attempt to catch some floats and performances at the 88th consecutive parade because you really can't resist the iconic characters the official introduction of Christmas music into our lives. But as I help out in the kitchen, it will be NBC on my screen with two thousand of man's best friends stealing my heart, because The National Dog Show in on NBC from 12 pm to 2 pm Thanksgiving Day.

John O'Hurley will return to host what has become a pretty common Thanksgiving tradition for millions of people. Nov. 27 will mark the thirteenth year that more than 170 breeds of canines strut their stuff for the judges to become the season's top dog. Presented by Purina, the two-hour event features some of the smallest, largest and most exotic pups in the world but only one can take the title of "Best in Show." And that basically means we'll be fawning over every dog imaginable for two straight hours. D'aww.

Why Are We Actually Watching?

John O'Hurley Is Actually a Really Great Host

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One of America's greatest purebreds will be crowned champion on Thanksgiving Day, but the greatest gift will be the entertainment of the show itself as well as the joy it brings to the dog lovers of the world. Some people have been so dedicated to the tradition for so long that they can even recognize a winning dog when it comes out — including John O'Hurley. A beloved TV personality most known for his role as J. Peterman on Seinfeld, you wouldn't expect O'Hurley to know much about these purebred pups. But he told N.Y. Daily News that his 13 years as host has taught him to pick out the good dogs in the ring, and would have considered his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as a contender if not for her tooth alignment issue.

Duh, All of The Dogs

The contenders are actually judged so harshly that if we did this to humans it could be considered a serious problem. Each pup is judged from head to toe in size, strength, hygienic health, the way he walks, the way he talks and anything else you can possibly think of, but there's one thing that helps you forget about that strangeness: two thousand different kinds of pups, prancing across your television.

It'll Help Cure Football Fatigue

But if you're looking for something to flip back to in between football plays, the National Dog Show is the way to go.

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