'OTH's Brooke & Haley Were the BEST BFFs

Do you know what I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving? OK, fine, I'm thankful for this every day — but especially this week I'm thankful for One Tree Hill and all of the wonderful things it's brought me. Specifically, Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Lenz's mini- OTH reunion on Tuesday night, which the Chicago P.D. actress posted a photo of on her Instagram account. Obviously the photo and its caption, in which Bush wrote that she's "thankful for long lasting friendships," were absolutely perfect because this is Sophia Bush we're talking about, after all. And because, like Bush and Lenz's friendship, One Tree Hill is something that also gets better with age like fine wine — especially Haley James Scott and Brooke Davis' friendship.

I know what you're thinking — Brooke and Peyton were the OG BFFs of One Tree Hill. And, you might be right, OTH put Brooke and Peyton into the spotlight for most of the series. And they were great together (some of the time) and they were fun and they had history, but Haley and Brooke, in the end, were the best female friendship in OTH history. Their bond — which started that one night Brooke renamed Haley after herself (god, she's amazing) — lasted, through all of the ups and downs, all the way to the series finale in 2012. And it truly did only get better with age. Brooke grew up by being friends with Haley and Haley gained a great friend that stood by her and challenged her to step outside the box. I mean, she did make Brooke Jamie's godmother, that's proof enough.

So, because I'm inspired by everything Sophia Bush does and because I'm feeling especially nostalgic in light of this perfect mini-OTH reunion:

Here are 15 times Brooke and Haley were the best of the best OTH BFFs.

When Brooke Renamed Haley After Herself

The beginning of the most perfect friendship.

Brooke's Maid of Honor Speech

Even when Brooke wasn't feeling the love herself, she gave the best maid of honor speech ever because she's the best BFF.

When They Were Roommates

Because Haley had nowhere to go and THEN when Haley and Nathan got back together, Brooke let them take back their apartment and redecorated for them. How much better of a friend could you be?

And When Brooke Offered Constructive Criticism

Good friends tell each other when their music sucks and they're just playing a slowed-down version of "He's a Jolly Good Fellow."

When Haley Asked Brooke To Be Jamie's God Mother

The tears. All of the tears.

When Brooke Kept Haley's Pregnancy A Secret Like A Pro

Remember when Brooke let everyone think she was pregnant to protect Haley's secret? AND she made Haley a line of maternity clothes?

When Haley Was The Most Forgiving Because She Loved Brooke

Remember when Brooke admitting to stealing the Calculus test that cost Haley her job at the tutor center? And then Haley forgave her anyway because she knew that Brooke was really a good person? Same.

Haley's Maid of Honor Speech

And of course, this moment specifically:

When They Were Always On The Same Page

Pound it.

When Brooke Made Haley The Perfect Wedding Dress

Of course, she made a terrible one first and was offended when Haley didn't love it. But, in the end, it worked out beautifully.

And Gave Her A Halloween Makeover

And it helped her get Nathan back — #friendship.

When They Ate Pot Brownies Together

And then called a psychic because they are the BEST.

Whenever They Supported Each Other

Which was all the time and constantly because they're perfect.

And When They Said They Loved Eachother

My heart just melts.

When They Reopened Karen's Cafe Together

And it was the most perfect moment of all time because we all love Karen's Cafe and One Tree Hill and Brooke and Haley.

Image: The CW (screengrab); ithinkimightveinhaledyou (8), haleynathanscott (2), dailyoth (3)/Tumblr; Fanpop