The HashKey, A Nifty One-Button Keyboard For All Your Hashtagging Needs, Will Change Your Entire Social Media Game — PHOTOS

Considering how often we tweet, Instagram, and generally speak in hashtags these days (#guilty), it's ridiculous that the almighty symbol has to live in the space as the number 3. Not only does it have to share a key with the lowly number, it can only be unlocked by shifting. #Rude. Luckily, one U.K. man is seeking to break the hashtag out of its shared jail cell with his invention, the HashKey, a one-key keyboard dedicated to the hashtag. The HashKey is the world's first one-key USB keyboard, and just the first step in the hashtag's ascension to the throne. Giving to the HashKey Kickstarter is the least we can do after the symbol single-handedly revolutionized social media. #DoTheRightThing

The HashKey is the brainchild of London-based inventor and former social media marketing employee Ben Gomori. Gomori says the need for such an invention was obvious and the demand high.

My girlfriend and I are both social media nerds. People are always asking us "where's the hashtag key?" or "how do I do a hashtag on my computer?" We thought it was finally time to do something about it!

With the HashKey, which you would simply plug into the USB jack of your laptop or computer, you will no longer have to awkwardly press shift + the number 3 key to create the all-important #.

Just think about the disasters this would thwart. Say you're eating a meatball hoagie and you want to tweet about it using the hashtag #TotalHappiness. What are you supposed to do — put down the hoagie to do the terrible shift + 3 combo? What kind of world have we been living in this whole time? According to the promo video on its Kickstarter page, the lack of a hashtag key has contributed to everything from finger cramps to delirium. And think of all the valuable time we've wasted shifting. Fortunately, Gomori says, we can now make up for lost time.

We want to save social media nerds around the world valuable seconds and celebrate the mighty hashtag’s contribution to digital communication!

Gomori's Kickstarter is aiming to raise 15,000 GBP, or about $23,600, so that he can start production on HashKey and deliver it to social media addicts everywhere. For the project, he's partnered with RPD International, the design and manufacturing company behind BleepBleeps. So far, the Kickstarter campaign has raised 1,065 GBP (as of press time), but with 26 days to go, we're confident that the HashKey will get enough support to spread this important cause globally.

Can we go back to talking sh*t on the current keyboard situation for a sec? I mean, why do we need two shift keys? And two option keys? What is the "fn" key for? Does anyone actually know? Also, why does ` get its own key, but not #? What is ` used for anyway? It kind of just looks like a smudge on my screen. So you see, our keyboards are in need of a serious overhaul. But before that happens, at least we have #HashKey.

Images: HashKey/Kickstarter