A Timeline Of Dyed Armpit Hair

As beauty trends go, there's always going to be something a little out of your comfort zone. For some, that might mean bikini waxes make you cringe. For others, the idea of chopping your hair into a pixie cut is just terrifying. And to each their own, right? I think we've established by now that women can do whatever it is they want with their bodies if it makes them feel fabulous — no matter how out there that trend might seem to you personally. The champion of the "do whatever the heck you want with your body/clothes/style/image" idea? Lada Gaga. Obviously. So it only makes sense that Gaga would start one of the more out there (although not as new as you may think) trends when it comes to body hair. Yes, I'm talking about dyeing your armpit hair.

Never heard of people dyeing their armpits? Well, it's a thing, and Gaga was pretty much at the beginning of the trend. But it's not just some distant fad that's gone away. In fact, dyed armpits are still a desirable beauty trend for some people these days, and it's quickly making its way into the mainstream. Just in case you missed some dyed-pit milestones along the way, though, here's a timeline of dyed armpits, from Lady Gaga to beyond.

1. Lady Gaga

Leave it to Lady Gaga to start a trend that involves fake, dyed armpit hair and...well, other hair. I mean, I'm not saying it's my thing — but this is Gaga we're talking about. And it kind of makes sense not to question it because, guess what? It kind of caught on.

2. Other people

"Today, I will accessorize my jewelry with my armpit hair." Hey, it works.

3. Guys

Because a good body-hair trend is never limited to just women, obviously.

4. YouTube Tutorials

Naturally, with any good trend, a YouTube tutorial is the next step.

5. Blog Posts Explaining Dyed Pits

It's kind of a shame that we can't have a slightly off-beat beauty trend gain popularity without a blogger having to explain why it is awesome and/or shouldn't be of anyone's concern. Let us live, trolls!! This post by Roxie Hunt has been shared thousands of times.

6. An Instagram Hashtag

#DyedPits is 24 posts strong and growing.

What do you think? Are you in?

Image: @liquiddsunshine/Instagram