If You Liked 'RHOA,' You'll Love This

First things first: NeNe Leakes would like everyone to know that her second marriage to Gregg Leakes is not a remarriage, but instead a "remix." Now that that's out of the way — let's all enjoy the first promo for NeNe's new Real Housewives of Atlanta spinoff series, I Dream of NeNe , in which she plans the perfect wedding for her remixed nuptials.

From the looks of things, NeNe won't be any different in this series than the way we've seen her before on Real Housewives of Atlanta — she's just as outspoken as ever, which is, of course, what makes her an excellent reality star.

Case-in-point: When asked whether or not fiancé Gregg still gives her butterflies after they were already married once before, NeNe responds: "Nobody makes love to me better than Gregg." Well, when you find a keeper...

Also, in pure NeNe fashion: The wedding looks like it's going to be super over-the-top, and full of the type of drama that reality shows thrive off of. Basically, if you enjoyed My Super Sweet Sixteen and watching NeNe on Real Housewives, this show is definitely for you.

You can check out the promo below. I Dream of NeNe is set to premiere on Sept. 17, on Bravo.