‘AHS: Freak Show’ Star & World's Smallest Woman Shares Strong Words About How People Treat Her — VIDEO

While AHS: Freak Show is undoubtedly turning out to be the best season of the FX horror anthology series so far, I would be remiss if I didn't say that — caution, SPOILER ALERT — ending Ma Petite's time on the show was a big, big mistake. While part of that is down to the fact that her character was definitely one of the best on the season (to be fair, though, everyone's pretty great this year), mostly, it's because of how much of a queen the woman who plays her, Jyoti Amge, is. Hopefully, though, Amge (who is officially the world's smallest woman at 2'1" according to the Guinness World Records) won't be going anywhere in Hollywood, especially after this interview. As part of her AHS: Freak Show wrap-up, Jyoti Amge spoke to Entertainment Tonight , and though the conversation was mostly surrounding the show, she also shared some strong and important words about how fans have treated her due to her unique height — and it's definitely something everyone should hear.

"When people see me on TV, they become very happy because they don't have to interact with me," Amge, who is 20, told ET though her Hindi translator. "When they start interacting with me they ask me questions like I'm a baby or treat me like I'm a baby and hold me like I'm a baby, and that's what they do wrong, really."

This is so important for a number of reasons, and, unfortunately, it really does reveal how some people default to treating others who simply look different to them: Differently. As Amge says, this is wrong, and to see her say it so strongly is great.

Later, Amge also shared her reasons through her translator for joining AHS: Freak Show as Ma Petite, despite its name explicitly having the word "freak" in it — something that, initially, I will admit, even I worried about before the show premiered. "She didn't have any reservations," her translator told ET, "because even though the name of the show is Freak Show, nobody is a freak here."

Can we start the campaign to make sure Amge is on season 5 of AHS like, now?