11 Business Cards That Are Cool No Matter What Your Profession

As a child, I thought business cards were the coolest thing. They were a a sign of maturity, both literally and figuratively. As a gift one year, my father gave me business cards that were identical to his, but with my name and email address on them. Obviously I treasured them, but here I am 10 years older without a business card in sight.

With all of this fancy modern technology, business cards are becoming a thing of the past, but I think they are still important, not to mention just plain cool. Whether you are a freelance writer or an engineer, a baker, photographer, or small business owner, I've gathered up 11 of the coolest and cutest cards for every profession.

by Corinne Caputo

For The Photographer

This simple card is perfect for all you photographers out there. Plus, you can download it instantly off Etsy, and start networking ASAP.

Instant download template, $15,

For The Baker

Hey bakers, if you don’t have these, you aren’t doing business cards right.

Flag cut kraft paper card, $15,

For The Freelancer

No matter what kind of freelancer you are, this card works.

Lined template, $21.50,

For The Tutor

For the tutors and the teachers out there, this chalkboard card will definitely leave an impression.

Chalkboard cards, $38.50,

For The Hair Stylist

All anyone wants is to know that they are in good hands with their hair stylist. These cards ought to do the trick.

Hair stylist cards, $55,

For The Renaissance Woman

Are you a woman of many skills? You don’t have to list them on a silly card — you can get this general business card beauty instantly on Etsy.

Instant download striped card, $10.88,

For The Writer

What better way to let everyone know you are a writer than with a typewriter printed right there on the card?

Typewriter card, $55,

For The Designer

Graphic designers, you are probably too busy to design your own card. Let Oubly do it for you — their cards are stunning.

Suspended light card, $46.50,

For The Internet Personality

Are you an Internet personality? This card effortlessly and succinctly shows off all of your platforms.

Instant download template, $15,

For The PR Professional

For the PR professional, this watercolor chevron design can’t be beat.

Chevron card design, $6.45,

For Anyone Who Likes Cute Things

If I could have Rifle Paper Co. design every aspect of my life, I would.

Personalized calling cards, $65+,