Flight Attendant and Musician Robynn Shayne Serenading Her Co-Workers With “Royals” Is the Best Lorde Cover Ever

Like most up-and-coming creative types, Austin, TX-based singer-songwriter Robynn Shayne has a day job: She’s a flight attendant. While on the job, Shayne recently performed an impromptu cover of Lorde’s “Royals” between flights for her co-workers — and you guys? You really need to listen to it. Seriously. My wish for everyone this holiday season is that all your travel plans include a Lorde-crooning flight attendant.

Wrote Nick Stracener, the co-worker who posted the video of Shayne’s performance on YouTube on November 23, “On a lovely winter day, I came across my co-worker Robynn who I noticed was carrying a guitar with her on our trip. I then asked if she played, and she said she loves to play and sing. Then this happened.” And “this?” Is glorious. It’s just Shayne and her guitar, so it’s a much more stripped-down version of the song; her voice is also a little brighter than Lorde’s mellow vocals. What I think I like so much about it, though, is that she took an already great song and put a spin on it that’s all her own — which is exactly what a good cover should do. Here, take a listen — you won’t regret it. I promise:

Nick Stracener on YouTube

According to Shayne’s official Facebook page, she grew up in a small town northwest of Ft. Worth; she’s been singing since she was a kid, and a number of years later, a friend convinced her to pick up the guitar so she could accompany herself. She released a four-song EP in 2012 and now gigs regularly in and around Austin. Like what you hear? Snag her self-titled EP, Robynn Shayne, on Amazon and iTunes; you can also check out more of her videos — including a full version of "Royals" — on her YouTube page.

And just for kicks, here’s Lorde's original video for comparison purposes:

LordeVEVO on YouTube