What's Up with 'My Five Wives' Josh? The Williams' Oldest Son Proves His Family Is Nothing Like The Duggars

I'm embarrassed to say that I have more of an obsession with TLC families than is probably healthy. Obviously, the Duggars are my favorite, but the love doesn't stop there. I am also willing to admit that I will watch just about any reality show about polygamist families, and My Five Wives is one of them. Their lifestyle, although one I'd never choose myself, absolutely fascinates me, maybe because it's so different from what I've always known. Brady Williams and his five wives are raising 24 children together, with another one the way. And since I'm a heterosexual female with eyes, I can't help but notice that their oldest son, Josh, is a very good looking fellow. So what's up with My Five Wives star Josh Williams, anyway?

There's good news and there's bad news. The bad news is that this kid — who's now 20, by the way — is pretty much nonexistent on social media, and if he is, he's really good at being undercover, because I am a super sleuth. The good news is that I found his Facebook, and judging by the photos he's chosen to share, he seems like a lot of fun. And if you were concerned that the Williams family subscribes to Duggar-like philosophies on modesty... um, Josh is kind of shattering those. That's not all I learned from his public Facebook albums, though.

His mission trip looked amazing

Josh leaving for a trip to Africa after he graduated high school made his parents super nervous, but it looks like he had a pretty good time. It's not surprising that he got along especially well with the children, considering he has 23 brothers and sisters.

He's been working with his dad

At least, that's what I'm assuming from the pictures of him in construction gear, since Brady owns his own construction company. Has Josh joined the family business full time, or is he just helping out on the side? Is he going to college? So many questions!

He & his dog are adorable together

There are few things in life better than a cute boy and his dog. Can we get a calendar made of hot TLC reality sons with pets? Probably not, since that's incredibly specific.

He seems like he loves doing the show

In fact, he has a Facebook album titled "The Show," and the only four photos in the album are of himself. So maybe he just likes watching himself on TV.

And he's 100 percent your typical 20-year-old guy

Because seriously, who else posts photos like this on the internet? Not that I'm necessarily complaining.

Images: Brady Joshua Williams/Facebook (6)