7 People Who Hated the Actors Who Portrayed Them in Biopics

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No movie is going to please everybody. Even the most well-crafted dramas, the most crowd-pleasing comedies, or the most factually accurate accounts of great eras in human history are going to earn their share of detractors. And the one genre of film that is guaranteed to take on the most heat is the biography... more often than not, this heat comes from the very figures being depicted therein. Heck, sometimes the movies don't even have to be made to win the scorn of the people they're about. Take the developing Joni Mitchell biopic, for instance. The iconic singer-songwriter has been far from silent with his distaste for the project... especially when it comes to the potential casting of Taylor Swift as the music legend.

Mitchell is just one of many high-profile figures to take issue with the actors chosen to portray them onscreen. Sometimes it's a matter of physical dissimilarity. Other times, it's a skewering of character that can really get the embodied party riled up. And then there's your good old lackluster performance to really do the trick.

With these and other rationales behind their derision, plenty of folks have voiced their dissatisfaction with the thespians hired to play them on film. Here are a few instances when noteworthy figures really hated their biopic counterparts.

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